Jody Wright Talks About MSU Football Camps

Mississippi State Assistant to the Head Coach/Coordinator of Football Operations Jody Wright talks about the upcoming football camps, including the Little Dawgs Camp, the Ladies Football Clinic, the Individual Work Camps and the Bulldawg Shoot-Out 7 on 7 Camps.

There seems to be more publicity surrounding the camps this year.
"Coach (Mullen), like he did with the spring game, wants to do more to sell the program and the camps, get all the high school coaches and kids in here to meet the new staff.

"(MSU assistant coach) Coach (Mark) Hudspeth, who was the head coach at UNA, had, in my opinion, probably the best value camps and best camps overall in Alabama. He's brought a lot of great ideas for our camps. I really think that's going to help us a lot because a lot of teams have participated in his camps and know the kind of camps that he's put on. There will be a lot of hands-on individual teaching. And (MSU head) Coach (Dan) Mullen had a great quarterback camp at Florida that he will also be doing here. Our skills camp will be for wide receivers, running backs and DBs. Our specialty camp will be for kicker, punters and snappers. And our trench warfare camp will be for linemen, linebackers and tight ends.

"All of our individual and team camps will from June 7th through the 9th and June 11th through the 12th, ages 13 to senior-to-be. Registration will be at Evans Hall for the quarterbacks and skills camp, Hathorn Hall for the D-Line/O-Line camp and the Holliman Center for the Specialty camp.

"One of the biggest things we are selling this year are our Bulldawg Shoot-Out 7 on 7 camps. They will probably be one of the least expensive 7 on 7 tournaments in the country. We will have the small schools shoot-out, 1A through 3A, on Saturday, June 6th. We will guarantee them 8 games, then play a championship round at Davis Wade Stadium. Our big school shoot-out, which will be for 4A through 6A schools, will be June 13th. Both are $275 per team, which is about $12 to $15 per kid. There is not another SEC school that is going to have as inexpensive camps or camps as good as us this year.

"Also, for the first time in many years we are going to have a Little Dawgs camp, which we are very excited about. It will be June 11th through June 12th, ages 5 through 12. Registration will be at the Holliman Center. It will a great way for the little Bulldog fans to learn the proper way to run, throw and catch, defend, block, tackle and kick. We'll divide the camp into age and experience levels so that they will have a great time. Coach Mullen and the rest of our coaches will be hands-on with them showing them the proper way to do things.

"Our coaches are going to be very hands-on at all of our camps. We look for it to be a great experience, helping young football players improve their skills and helping us develop relationships with the high school coaches.

"We are also having the ladies clinic, which we are also very excited about. In the past, it has been $100, but this year we are dropping it to $75. We are going to have a lot of different things with it. Coach Mullen is going to teach each lady, individually, the correct way to throw a football. We are going to let each lady have the opportunity to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, jerseys, gloves, etc. We are also going to teach them the proper way to block and tackle. We are also going to have a Q&A session with Megan Mullen and some of the other coaches wives. If they want to find out what is Coach Mullen's favorite desert or what its like the day of a game, they can ask. We'll also have a Q&A with current MSU players and coaches. We'll also go over the rules. We'll teach them what the spread offense is all about. The ladies will be able to go into the locker room and experience what it's like on gameday. They'll be able to run out on the field just like our players and coaches do on gameday. There will be new adidas wear for the ladies. There will be door prizes and a raffle and there will also be autograph and photo opportunities with the coaches. Lunch will be catered in so we'll have a great meal for them. This should be a really fun day for the ladies who attend. Registration will be at 8 am in the Palmeiro Center and the clinic will end at 4:30 pm."

What should the women wear to the clinic?
"Anything comfortable. I would wear tenny shoes and things that are comfortable and casual"

Will the ladies have the option of participating or not participating in the hands-on drills such as the blocking and tackling?
"Any woman who doesn't want to do that doesn't have to. But every woman will have the opportunity to put on a helmet or a jersey, do those things."

Will they do actual tackling?
"No, we'll just walk them through it just to show them how to do it. They won't be doing actual tackling."

How detailed will the football instruction by the MSU coaches be?
"We will teach the basics so that the ladies will have an understanding of what is going on in a game so that when they hear certain words they'll understand what is going on. We'll also give the ladies some inside secrets about our program that their husbands or boyfriends don't even know.

"We are also going to talk to them about the recruiting process, what goes on when we recruit football players."

Going back to the high school player camps, how detailed will they be?
"They are going to be very, very work-intensive camps with a lot of teaching. All of our coaches will be teaching the kids the same things they teach our kids. Coach Hudspeth wants these camps to be similar to the camps he had at North Alabama. When kids leave, they are going ot have learned a lot of football. They won't just be coming here to just pay their money and get a t-shirt. They are going to get a lot of good hands-on instruction from SEC football coaches, local junior college coaches and some of the top high school coaches."

Is there a limit to the number of players who can participate in the camps?
"Not in the individual camps. For the team camps, we have a limited number of spots available."

Where will the various camps be on campus?
"The ladies clinic will be in the Palmeiro Center for the most part but we'll also be moving around campus. All the other camps will be on our practice fields and intramural fields."

CLICK HERE for complete details on each camp, including how to sign up for each one.

Mississippi State Football Camps Dates

  • June 6th - "Bulldawg Shoot-Out" 7 on 7 Camp, 1A-3A Schools

  • June 7th-9th - Dan Mullen "Top Gun Camp" QB Camp

  • June 7th-9th - O-Line/D-Line/LB/TE "Trench Warfare Camp"

  • June 7th-9th - Skills Position [WR/RB/DB] Camp

  • June 11th-12th - Specialty Camp [Kicking/Punting/Snapping]

  • June 11th-12th - "Little Dawgs Football Camp"

  • June 13th - "Bulldawg Shoot-Out" 7 on 7 Camp, 4A-6A Schools

  • June 20th - Ladies Football Clinic

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