Patricia Sidney: "Wanted To Be Close To Home"

He is one of the most talented players in the class of 2009. And before he moved to California with his family, he played basketball in Mississippi. People who saw him play during those early years projected that he would become one of the top players to ever play high school ball in Mississippi. Now Renardo Sidney is leaving California to come back to his Mississippi roots to play basketball.

"Renardo, Jr. had a lot of choices when he decommitted but he wanted to be close to home, close to his family members," said his mother, Patricia Sidney. "We are originally from Jackson, Mississippi. And his grandparents, who live in Mississippi, haven't seen him play. With him playing at Mississippi State, they can see him play."

And watching him play is very important to the Sidney family.

"We've always been there with him," said Patricia. "We've seen all of his games other than a couple that I missed due to being sick."

Another significant factor in him signing with Mississippi State is the possibility of playing in the NBA some day.

"Mississippi State has some good coaches who will help him move on to the next level," noted Patricia.

And when you add Renardo, Jr. to a mixture of very talented veteran and young players, there is also a great chance that his new team will take it to another level when it comes to next year's March Madness.

"It's a tremendous situation at Mississippi State," said Patricia. "With the talent they have, we've got a chance to win a national championship. I can't wait until we get there. I know he wants to get there as soon as he can so that he can start getting ready to play."

But Patricia is still a mother and all the excitement about the NBA and NCAA Tournament pales in comparison to what she truly wants for her son and that is for him to simply be happy.

"He is so excited about signing, and I'm so excited for him," said Patricia. "He told me today, 'mom, when I signed at school I cried because there's no more pressure.'

"He's the most humble person that I have ever been around. He deserves to be happy."

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