Dave Telep's Take On Sidney

Scout.com's National Basketball Recruiting Director Dave Telep, the nation's top basketball recruiting analyst, talks about Renardo Sidney as a player and the effect he feels Sidney will have on Mississippi State, and possibly, to a smaller extent, even the Southeastern Conference.

"You get a difficult matchup for a college basketball player in the SEC because he has the ability to be an inside/outside guy with great size and really good athleticism," said Telep. "For a kid as big as he to be as mobile as he is is pretty remarkable. He's a big guy with face-up ability."

And it's not just the talent but his size and what he brings with that size.

"What is really striking is how physically big he is and the skill set that comes with that," said Telep, of the 5-star ranked Renardo Sidney. "It's really unique. A guy his size is labeled a center 99% of the time in college but he's not a center like that. He's a power forward who plays facing the basket."

And Telep believes the talent level is good enough to take Sidney to the next level as long as he puts forth the effort.

"He has NBA talent but it's really up to him," said Telep. "When he wants to and when he turns it on he's pretty much a handful for whoever he is playing against. With Renardo it's really about him a good portion of the time because when he's focused and wants to play it's at a high level."

That focus, or lack of on a consistent basis, is the one weakness Telep sees in Sidney's game.

"He still needs to work on bringing it every single time out on the floor," said Telep. "When you see a guy like that there's an expectation level of dominance every time. And when he plays to his abilities, he doesn't really have many peers. So, for him, it's staying focused and every time out being the guy he has been reputed to be."

And signing with Mississippi State, where he will have Jarvis Varnado, the premier defensive big man in the nation, playing alongside of him might be the perfect way for him to work on being consistently focused.

"(Jarvis) Varnado is such a good defensive player and rebounder - that's going to free Sidney up to play facing the basket, which he's really comfortable with and wants to do," said Telep. "And it also gives Varnado a lot of help on the inside."

While it will help both players, Telep thinks one will benefit more than the other.

"I think this helps Varnado more because of Sidney's offensive abilities which will open things up and give him more space to operate," said Telep.

And it will not only help Varnado but Mississippi State as well. And Telep even thinks it should help the SEC, a league that has been looked down on for the the past couple of years by a large number of college basketball experts.

"This is a big deal (for Mississippi State) but on a bigger scale, when you look at what has happened to (the SEC) this year in terms of the influx of talent and the influx of new coaching blood into the league, it is a big deal for the SEC because they were taking their whacks the last couple of years," said Telep. "The profile of the league has been reshaped."

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