State Confirms Holcombe Seeking Transfer

After months of speculation along such lines, Jacquiese Holcombe has now made it official. The Bulldog junior guard/forward is seeking to transfer from Mississippi State and find another program to play his senior season.

Mississippi State compliance director Bracky Brett confirmed the transfer talk Wednesday morning. "Jacquiese has been given permission to contact other schools," Brett said. Coach Rick Stansbury was not available for comment.

Holcombe's brief Bulldog career had more frustration than production, largely beyond the player's control due to pre-season injury. Surgery for the foot and ankle inserting a metal rod did help the break but also caused irritation that limited his pre-season work. Holcombe was able to play in seven games between November 15 and December 18, scoring 21 points in 83 minutes off the bench. His 57% shooting showed why State recruited him out of Georgia Perimeter College where he'd averaged 13.4 points and 7.3 rebounds as a sophomore forward and second-team All-American. He also had leg injury issues in junior college as a freshman.

Having played under one-third of the team's games, and all in the first half of the season, Holcombe was eligible to apply for a retroactive medical redshirt following next year's senior season. But with the 2009-10 roster already overstocked and every Bulldog big guard and small forward returning, playing time would have been a struggle.

Holcombe's departure helps Stansbury with the interesting scholarship roster situation. With 10 other underclassmen return from the 2009 season—presuming senior-to-be center Jarvis Varnado withdraws from the NBA draft pool by June 15—and the three announced new signees as well as a fourth who has signed but not been formally announced, State is still one over the NCAA's limit of 13. This could be solved by another departure, though hopefully not Varnado; by delaying the enrollment of a freshman for health or eligibility reasons; or other scholarship means.

State has so far announced the fall signing of guard Shaunessy Smith and spring signings of center Wendell Lewis and forward/center Renardo Sidney. Not yet announced is the signing of center John Riek, who reportedly only needs the signature of a guardian on his letter of intent.

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