ScoutTV: Luke Bole Senior Highlights

Hartselle (AL) High School lefthanded pitcher Luke Bole (6-3, 190), a Mississippi State Signee, is showcased in this ScoutTV video presentation.

Lefthanded pitcher Luke Bole is shown pitching in an Alabama high school playoff game May 5, 2009. In his six innings of work, he struck out 8, walked 6, gave up 4 hits and 3 runs (1 earned). -


Bole's fastball was consistently in the 86-89 range in his first three innings, topping out at 89, and ended up in the 84-86 range in his final three innings. At times, his fastball appears to have a slight downward movement to it. His curveball was in the 75-77 range early on and tailed off to 73-74 in the late innings. He threw 100 pitches, 61 for strikes. Of his 18 outs, 8 were strikeouts, 2 infield popups, 4 infield groundouts and 4 flyouts.

1st Inning:

He threw 16 pitches in this inning. His fastball velocity was consistently in the 87-89 range, topping out at 89. He showed signs of having a power curveball in this inning, striking out a batter on a 75 mph curveball. He struck out 2 and walked one.

2nd Inning

His pitch count in this inning was 14. His fastball velocity was in the 86-88 range, topping out at 88. He struck out 3 and allowed a single.

3rd Inning:

He threw 11 pitches in this inning. His fastball was 87-88, topping out at 88. He retired the side in order, including 1 on a strikeout.

4th Inning

He threw 30 pitches in this inning. His fastball was in the 84-87 range with a high of 88. Although he gave up 3 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks in this inning, neither ball was hit hard and a dropped flyball in the outfield allowed two runs to score. His lack of control with his curveball (4 were thrown, all were balls) in the inning was the reason for one of the walks. He struck out 1 hitter.

5th Inning:

His pitch count in this inning was 15. His fastball was in the 83-85 range, topping out at 85. He walked 2. He also started a double play after snagging a ball hit back to him.

6th Inning

He threw 14 pitches in this inning. His fastball was in the 83-86 range, topping out at 86. He gave up a double, a walk and struck out 1.

Commentary (Based n the game I saw):
Bole, also Hartselle High School's starting QB, already has a power arm that should improve dramatically now that he's headed off to college where he can concentrate exclusively on baseball. Sometimes he shows downward movement on his fastball but many other times he throws it up in the strikezone, a hittable pitch in college. His curveball is a power type pitch but he didn't show solid control of it, throwing it 10 times, twice for strikes. He'll normally throw the curve a little more, but he told me after the game the team that he was pitching again, Southside-Gadsden, is a curveball hitting team.

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