ScoutTV: Chad Girodo Senior Highlights

Hartselle (AL) High School lefthanded pitcher Chad Girodo, a Mississippi State commitment, is showcased in this ScoutTV video presentation.

Lefthanded pitcher Chad Girodo is shown pitching in two Alabama high school playoff games May 5, 2009. He saved the first game of the doubleheader and won the second game as a starter. In his combined seven innings of work, he struck out 10, walked 1, gave up 4 hits and 1 run (earned). -


Girodo is a strike-thrower, throwing 74% strikes in the two games combined. His fastball strike percentage was 71%, his curveball percentage was 78% and his changeup percentage was 89%. His fastball was consistently in the 86-87 range in his one inning of work in the first game and was consistently 82-84 in the second game, a game that he started. His curveball was in the 68-69 range in his relief appearance and 64-66 in his start. His changeup was 73-75 mph. He threw 101 pitches. Of his 21 outs, 10 were strikeouts, 1 was an infield popup, 8 were infield groundouts and 2 were flyouts. He retired the side 5 of the 7 innings that he pitched.

7th Inning (relieved in the 1st game):

He threw 14 pitches. His fastball was consistently 86-87 mph, topping out at 87. He threw his curveball in the 68-69 range. He retired the side and rung up 1 strikeout in the inning.

1st Inning (He started the 2nd game):

He threw 9 pitches in this inning. His fastball velocity was consistently in the 84 range, topping out at 86. His curveball was in the 66-67 range. He retired the side, including 1 strikeout to go along with two groundouts.

2nd Inning

He threw 32 pitches. His fastball velocity was in the 82-84 range, topping out at 85. He allowed 1 run on three hits (2 were infield hits) and 1 walk while striking out 3.

3rd Inning:

He threw 10 pitches. His fastball velocity was 82-84, topping out at 84. He retired the side on infield groundouts.

4th Inning

He threw 7 pitches, all strikes for a three-up, three-down inning. He recorded 2 strikeouts and a popup to the first baseman. His fastball was consistently 82 and topped out at 84.

5th Inning:

He threw 15 pitches. He retired the side on 2 strikeouts and a ground out. His fastball was consistently 81-84, topping out at 84.

6th Inning

He threw 14 pitches. His fastball was in the 81-83 range, topping out at 83. He allowed 1 hit, struck out 1, recorded a groundout and a flyball out to the outfield.

Commentary (Based n the game I saw):
Girodo reminded me of former Bulldog ace Justin Pigott. Although he doesn't have an overpowering fastball, he can throw it for strikes. He also has a big breaking pitch that he has great command of, as well as a changeup that he has can put into the strikezone just about anytime he throws it. He changes speed on batters very well, using both sides of the plate and never gets into a pattern that they can figure out from at-bat to at-bat. He has the ability to rev up his 82-84 mph fastball into the 86-87 range if he's needed in relief for an inning. While he records a lot of strikeouts on his fastball, his curveball and changeup causes him to generate a lot of groundball outs. He's also very cool under pressure. With the bases loaded in the 2nd inning, he proceeded to strike out two, walk one (ump missed the call), and strike out the next batter to end the inning with just one run scoring. The bottom line on Girodo is he simply knows how to pitch.

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