ScoutTV: Patricia Sidney, Part 2-of-3

Patricia Sidney, the mother of Mississippi State men's basketball signee Renardo Sidney, Jr., in this exclusive, three-part video interview done May 7, 2009 in Los Angeles, talks about her son from the time they lived in Mississippi, to moving to Los Angeles, California, to the time he decided to sign with Mississippi State.

Part 1 - 1) Will they move back to Mississippi, 2) who are their family members in Mississippi, 3) the reaction of family members to Renardo signing with MSU, 4) how difficult was it to move from Mississippi to California, 5) what was it like to know so many coaches were in the stands simply to watch her son play, 6) how they dealt with the recruiting process, 7) her thoughts about MSU's recruitment of her son, 8) her thoughts about the MSU coaches coaching her son -

Part 2 - 1) When did Renardo decide to sign with Mississippi State, 2) and what it has been like in the Sidney household since Renardo signed -

Part 3 - Advice she would give other parents about the recruiting process -

If you haven't done so, check out the three-part interview with Renardo's dad, Renardo Sidney, Sr. that was posted on my page Monday (see link below). And look for a three-part interview with Renardo Sidney, Jr. Wednesday morning.

Monday - Click here to watch the video interview with Renardo Sidney, Sr.

Wednesday - Interview with Renardo Sidney, Jr.

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