New York Giants Final Draft Report Card

I really think former U of Miami star Kenny Phillips is going to be a special pro player. LBers Bryan Kehl, Jon Goff and DC Terrell Thomas are productive Giant role players. I just don't see where WR Mario Manningham, QB Andre Woodson or DE Robert Henderson fit into the Giants master plan.

New York Giants Grade - A NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
29 1 Nicks, Hakeem WR North Carolina 6006v 212v 4.52v 1.160
45 2 Sintim, Clint OB Virginia 6026v 256v 4.79v 1.201
60 2 Beatty, William OT Connecticut 6060v 307v 5.12v 1.333
85 3 Barden, Ramses WR Cal Poly (SLO) 6060v 229v 4.58v 1.581
100 3 Beckum, Travis TE Wisconsin 6027v 239v 4.69v 1.340
129 4 Brown, Andre RB No Carolina St 6001v 228v 4.46v 1.342
151 5 Bomar, Rhett QB Sam Houston St 6022v 225v 4.82v 1.320
200 6 Wright, DeAndre DC New Mexico 5106v 198v 4.56v 1.752
238 7 Woodson, Stoney DC So Carolina 5117v 203v 4.53v 1.900

Much like the Patriots, the Giants do an excellent job of both preparing for and implementing their plan on draft day. In Hakeem Nicks, the club took a giant step toward returning to the big dance. He doesn't have racehorse speed, but he has outstanding catching ability and physical dexterity. He can catch when covered and was fearless inside. I felt his route running was pretty special, particularly when one consider the fact that he is just three years removed from the high school ranks. Sixteen selections after selecting the talented Nicks, the Giants again struck gold, selecting Virginia outside backer Clinton Sintim. I thought this four year starter was big, strong and a highly athletic football player. I really liked the way he was able to leverage the point, work under blocks and spill effectively. I particularly liked the way he was able to blow up the "iso" or lead block. As a pass rusher, I really liked his hand use, quickness to the top of the rush, his ability to trim the edge and accelerate to the football. There were times I felt this player shut things down quickly or changed speeds in pursuit, but based on his overall play, I believe he's going to contribute very quickly. Third round selection Beatty is talented, but I didn't think he consistently played hard. Barden is the classic faster than quick athlete, but he catches well and will work away from the football. Beckum missed virtually the entire 2008 season, but is going to help this club as an inside receiver. A healthy Andre Brown replaces the departed Derek Ward as the clubs number two running back. Bomar is an excellent fifth round selection. He's got size, is smart, experienced and has an A-1 throwing arm.

BEST IN 3 YEARS: Clint Sintim
OVERRATED: William Beatty
UNDERRATED: Brown, Andre
PROJECT: Rhett Bomar
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Maurice Evans (DE)
TOP TALENT SCOUT: Steve Verderosa
HUH?: Stoney Woodson

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