LSU Defeats MSU 85-72

MSU was defeated by LSU 85-72 at Baton Rouge Saturday night in front of an 10,442 fans.<P> MSU (10-3, 0-2 SEC) saw LSU (11-2, 1-1 SEC) outrebound them 31-24 and shoot the ball at a 62.7% clip, the highest shooting percentage allowed by the Bulldogs this season.

LSU was led in scoring by Jamie Lloreda with 19 points. Other Tigers in double figures were Ronald Dupree with 18, Torris Bright with 17 and Darrel Mitchell with 12. Dupree also contributed 12 rebounds.

MSU was led in scoring by Timmy Bowers and Mario Austin, both of whom scored 17. Michal Ignerski also was in double figures with 14, 11 of which came in the first half.

MSU now takes on Alabama in Tuscaloosa Wednesday at 7 p.m.



"It is never easy to play on the road. We were playing against a very good LSU basketball team. They have a lot of experience with those seniors and they have a good low-post guy (Jaime LLoreda). The two areas I'm disappointed in our basketball team was our ability to defend and our ability to rebound the basketball. Those have been areas that we have been pretty good at. We played Mario Austin a lot of minutes. I thought in the zone he didn't move around very well. They got a lot of easy baskets in the zone. Give them credit, they were the best team on the floor. They deserved to win the game."

About LSU.
"They are a very good basketball team. They have those three seniors and Lloreda. He is a load down inside. When those guys are playing good, they are a very good basketball team. They can beat anybody when they are right. That is very evident because they beat the number 1 team in the nation here."

Do you feel your team played uninspired tonight?
"No, I don't feel we played that way. I feel like we got out-toughed."

About Mario Austin: "We decided he could play after (watching him in) warm ups. If he is able to play we don't make excuses. If he plays on the floor, we expect 100%. There was no question that he wasn't very effective defending and rebounding the basketball. We were told (by our doctors) that he could play and it wouldn't do any damage to him to play. If you are asking me if he was 100%, you guys know the answer to that.

"We didn't want to put him in after he went down in the second half, but he wanted to go back in so we put him back in. He was very ineffective that last time we put him in."

What is his injury?
"Bruised tendon on top of the knee cap."

With Austin being injured and not very effective, have you thought about sitting him down against Alabama since you have an open date after that game?
"I really can't answer that right now. We'll go back and evaluate it. Tomorrow is a day off and we'll see Monday how he is. I would hope that is not the case. We were told it wouldn't hurt him to play him tonight but there is no question that he was very ineffective in a lot of ways tonight. I know he is limping around pretty good right now."

MSU was leading 9-8 when you took Campbell out and brought Austin in. LSU then went on a 19-5 run. Talk about that.
"Campbell came in and got a couple of baskets and played decent but you have to sub him. If you are going to play Mario you have to put him in."

About his team's first half play.
"I told them at halftime that we played took care of the basketball well pretty well but we got killed on the boards something like 19-7 and we were down only 6 points. In the second half we made a little run and got it back. But it was our inability to make some stops. We tried to hide Mario in that zone so we could have him offensively but we couldn't even hide him in the zone. They used that high post which makes him relax in the low post and they run the game behind you."

Why did you not play Derrick many minutes in the first half?
"He has two fouls. We took him out with 8 minutes to go."

Do you think Derrick Zimmerman was pressing tonight?
"No, I wouldn't say that. Derrick is best when you are playing in transition. We weren't able to play in transition much, especially in the second half when they shot almost 70%. That means only 3 out of 10 shots you get a chance to play in transition. I think that is what limited him."

Talk about Jamie Lloreda.
"He is a load inside. He works so hard, that is what makes him so good. He has a good feel for defenders. The thing that makes him special is he works so hard. Every time that ball is shot, he is going after it."

About getting outrebounded 31-24 by LSU.
"We didn't go after the ball. We didn't go after it the way that we are supposed to go after it, especially on the road. To win in a place like this you have to go in and defend and rebound and we didn't do those things very well."

You turned it over against the press a few times tonight.
"I didn't think we turned it over against the press much in the first half. We turned it over twice I think. We had 14 turnovers for the entire game."

Would you like to see Timmy Bowers get more shots?
"Sometimes you have to choose your poison. We get the ball down to Mario sometimes because he is so good. I think what can make our team so good is that inside-outside balance. Timmy has a green light anytime, but at the same time when you have that big man on that post working, we want to get the ball to him."


"Mario's play had nothing to do with tonight. We didn't play any defense tonight. That cost us the game tonight, point blank."

Why didn't you guys play defense?
"I have no reason at all. We just didn't play any defense. We didn't respond tonight. We'll learn some day."

It looked like the first few minutes of the game you got the open shots you wanted but they just didn't go down.
"We were missing a lot of chip shots and point blank shots. It really wasn't our game tonight. We were in the game at the start and we felt like we had a chance to win, but we didn't finish it off."

You've got two losses and now have to face Alabama on the road. It looks like a difficult situation for your team.
"We just have to go to practice and work hard. People don't need to write us off because we are still a team to be reckoned with in this conference. We've had two tough games against Florida and LSU and we are about to go to Alabama but if you are a basketball player you'll be ready to play."


Do you feel you should have sat this one out?
"This is the SEC. You have to play. I just tried to go out and give my team the energy that I had."

How painful was it to play?
"It would have been more painful not to play. I have to go out and give my team all that I had."

You weren't able to do your spin move tonight. Was it your lateral movement that was lacking tonight?
"Yeah, that and my jumping. It was real painful knowing that I can defend and couldn't really do it tonight because my knee wouldn't allow me to move laterally. Just watching them score the ball the way they did really hurt me as a player. I've got a few more days to rehab to try and get the soreness out of my knee and get ready for the next game."

How good is LSU's Lloreda?
"He is a great player."

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