This Bulldog is a True Dog Fan

Mississippi State senior wide receiver Brandon McRae is not only a Bulldog, but a person who appreciate and loves all dogs, not just Bulldogs.

"I'm a big-time dog person because dogs are amazing," said Brandon. "I've had dogs all of my life. Ever since I was born, my mom has had dogs. We've had Labs, Yorkies, Pekingese ... we've had so many dogs."

No Bulldogs?

"I saw a person who had Bulldog puppies and I liked the way they were," said the 6-3, 212-pounder. "I'm even thinking about getting one and putting it in my apartment here."

Until he does, he's got a special dog waiting for him every time he goes back home.

"Right now I have a (six-year-old) American Bulldog named Zoey that I love to death," said Brandon. "We've had her since she was four weeks old. She's been the best dog ever because she just seems to know me. When I would come home from school and maybe had some problems she just could feel if I was sad or what kind of mood I was in."

Brandon provided a specific example of the unique relationship he and his dog have.

"After I broke my leg (during the Ole Miss game) and was at home I stayed on the first floor on the couch so I could stretch my leg out," said Brandon. "She stayed right next to me on the floor next to the couch. She stayed with me wherever I was."

Zoey even sleeps in Brandon's room, which is her safehaven when something scares her.

"She's scared of thunderstorms and runs straight to my room when it thunders, and my room is on the second floor of our home," said Brandon.

Brandon takes being a dog owner seriously and makes sure his dogs are trained well.

"We take them to Petsmart to train them, and my mom is a pretty good trainer," said Brandon. "We've gone to classes but we teach them ourselves."

Brandon gave several examples of how well trained Zoey is.

"I put a closed fist next to her nose and told her to sit until she learned what to do," said Brandon. "Now, when I put my fist near her nose she'll sit down. And when I put my hand down she'll go straight to the floor. I can also walk her without having to use a leash. And when we walk, she'll stay right by my hip. I can even tell her to go get her toy and she'll go get it. She wants to play tug of war all the time."

Not to worry folks, his fist is used only as a hand signal because Brandon is definitely not the type person who would ever hit a dog.

"I don't like it when people abuse dogs," said Brandon. "I hate it when someone hits their dog because there's a better way to do that than to hit them. They just don't know how to train their dogs. They just want to beat them thinking that's going to help.

"With my dog you can act like you are going to hit her and she doesn't even flinch. She's just going to look at you because we don't do that."

While his dog is a big part of his life away from the football field, Brandon also enjoys spending time with his teammates when off the field of play.

"I try to get all my teammates together and play video games and things like that," said Brandon, who also enjoys bowling and watching movies. "Right now, we are playing a new game called Ultimate Fighting. I'm pretty much the best at it."

And he can back his words with actions.

"I just went into the dorm the other night and challenged the best person," said Brandon. "K.J. Wright stepped up to the challenge and I had to defeat him real fast."

And when football season comes around, Brandon McRae hopes he'll be able to do the same thing to the cornerbacks and safeties staring at him across the line of scrimmage.

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