2010 Shortstop/Quarterback Visits MSU

Coty Blanchard, one of the top dual sport players in Alabama's class of 2010, camped at Mississippi State football Tuesday and visited with the MSU baseball coaches afterwards. His dad Fran Blanchard was with him. They talked about Mississippi State football and baseball.

According to Fran Blanchard, Coty's dad, the MSU football coaching staff liked what they saw from Coty at the camp.

"(MSU assistant) Coach (Carl) Torbush told me that he is the best quarterback that they have seen," said Fran. "He said he has great velocity, throws with touch, has great feet. He said his height is what is suspect with them. And that's the same thing that we have heard from all the D-I schools. They all said they love him, he's the best that they have seen, he's definitely an SEC quarterback, then pat us on back and tell us to keep the door open."

Coty came away impressed with what he saw at the Mississippi State football camp.

"Mississippi State has the facilities, they have it all," said Coty. "That's what (teammate) Desmond (Brown) and I were so impressed with today. And the coaching staff was probably one of the best that we have been around yet. They showed us a lot of love when we got there. And they really coached me up a lot and I learned a lot today on drops."

Coty could see himself playing for Mississippi State in football if they do decide to offer him.

"I know that they have been a little down the past few years but they are looking for a way out, and if they did offer me I think I could be that guy," said Coty. "But (not receiving a football offer yet) didn't bother me because I've put forth the effort.

But he did receive an offer while at State ... a baseball offer.

"Mississippi State (baseball) offered him today," said Fran. "When (MSU baseball) offered him that sent chills down my spine. It was one of the neatest things. A lot of things don't impressed me, but Mississippi State baseball does."

The State coaches explained to Fran and Coty the reason for the offer.

"(MSU head) Coach (John) Cohen said that (MSU assistant coach) Butch Thompson saw him play five games and that Coty did everything that he wanted to see. He has the body that will allow him to go on and play at the next level after playing at Mississippi State. That was pretty impressive because they don't have to say that because they can get anybody in the country that they want to. That was pretty special."

And Coach Cohen and his staff also impressed him with the way they handled things today with his son Coty.

"I was nervous around Coach Cohen myself because professionalism oozes from him and (assistant) Coach (Butch) Thompson," said Fran. "And (assistant) Coach (Nick) Mingione took us in the film room and he was awesome.

"They rolled out the red carpet when we walked in there, and I will forever be appreciative of that. That's how you take a recruit in if you really want them."

Coty agrees with his dad about how he was treated by the Mississippi State's baseball staff.

"When I got to talk to Coach Cohen he acted like he really wanted me," said Coty. "He got up, told me they really wanted me there and then he gave me the offer. It was a great thing to hear."

Now that the Mississippi State baseball offer is on the table, things have taken on a different perspective for the Blanchard family.

"Coty said he would like to play quarterback and play baseball but a Mississippi State offer is different than everything else you can get in baseball because there's not another animal like that," said Fran. "So, we have something to dicuss, and I have to add my wife into this discussion.

"We have great offers. Jacksonville State, where I played college, has offered him in both sports. And Samford is ready to offer Coty in both sports. But we know it would be hard to be an SEC quarterback and be a middle infielder for Mississippi State as well. We are really going to have to think about this because Coach Torbush said they aren't closing the door on him as a quarterback because they know he can play quarterback if he wants to."

Football or baseball? What will Coty do?

"During football season I love playing it," said Coty. "There's no other sport like football, but I don't think I could go to college and not play baseball."

And if he does end up playing baseball he very well may be able to live a dream of his and of Coach Cohen's.

"I've always wanted to play in Omaha and get a national championship and Coach Cohen really wants that, too," said Coty. "He mentioned today that I can be the guy who helps them get to Omaha. That's his main goal."

When it comes time to make his college choice, Mississippi State has one more factor in their favor.

"I'm really going to take into consideration that Mississippi State jumped out there first to make the move to get me," said Coty, who is also being recruited by Auburn in baseball.

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