MSU Baseball Has Three Signees Drafted

Howard (Texas) College outfielder Runey Davis (6-0, 185) was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 12th round, Cleburne County (AL) High School lefthanded pitcher C.C. Watson (6-0, 190) was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 29th round and Navarro (Texas) Community College outfielder Jaron Shepherd (6-1, 175) was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 44th round.

Runey Davis talked about his situation with the Cubs two days after the conclusion of the Major League Baseball draft.

"Basically, I'm still waiting to hear back from the Cubs," said Runey, who was the Easton NJCAA Division I Defensive Player of the Year as well an NJCAA Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winner. "They called me, we talked a little bit and they told me congratulations on being drafted."

During the phone conversation, he was up front with them about what it would take for him to go pro.

"I pretty much have told them that it's going to take a big chunk (of money) for me to not go to school," said Runey, who batted .381 with 8 triples, 7 home runs, 39 RBI and 38 stolen bases.

While the Cubs were the team that drafted him, another club contacted him prior to the draft about the possibility of signing a pro contract..

"I think I had one call where (a pro team) asked me if I would take 4th round slot (money)," said Runey, who was the 26th junior college player (7th outfielder) drafted in the just-concluded draft. "I told them I didn't know. They said ok. And I guess they moved on."

Navarro Community College's Jaron Shepherd was a little surprised that he was drafted by anyone after talking with the St. Louis Cardinals the second day of the draft.

"The Cardinals called me the second day (of the draft) and told me they would take me in the 4th, 5th or 6th round if I signed for the bonus they were offering," said Jaron. "I talked to my dad about it and I decided that I wouldn't sign for that. Instead, I would go down to Mississippi State, have a good year there, then leave next June."

Thinking that the draft was over for him, he didn't even follow it on the final day. Due to that, he found out through a friend that he had been drafted.

"I didn't even know that I had been drafted because I wasn't even watching the draft after talking to the Cardinals," said Jaron. "One of my friends texted me and told me congratulations. I asked her what she was talking about and she said that I was drafted by the Reds in the 44th round."

While teams normally follow late draft picks during the summer and sometimes come in with a late offer it appears that won't be the case with Jaron.

"I'm not going to play this summer because I had an ankle injury late in the season that I'm rehabbing," said Jaron. "I had it checked out and the doctor told me to do some band work and ice it and in about a month it will be healed."

Runey and Jaron were two of the 155 junior college players that were drafted, a number that fell just 6 short of last year's junior college record of 161.

C.C. Watson, like Runey and Jaron, has talked to the club that drafted him but nothing has been finalized one way or the other.

"I've talked to Texas and they said they would be in touch with me in the next few days because they want to make a home visit," said C.C., who was 8-1 with a 0.60 ERA and 138 strikeouts in 58 innings this past season.

But as of now it appears C.C. is college bound.

"As far as what I am going to do, I'm not really sure but it's pretty much looking like I'm leaning toward Mississippi State," said the lefty.

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