Eric Butler Talks About His MSU Visit

[Premium Article] Moss Point High School tight end Eric Butler (6-2.5, 225) talked to Gene's Page about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

Eric, I'm calling to get an update on how your visit to MSU this weekend went. Tell me your overall impressions of Mississippi State.
"First of all, I like the opportunity that they will give me. I think I will fit in academically, athletically and economically. They have a lot to offer. I want to be an engineer."

What kind of engineering field do you plan on going into?
"Software and computers."

Who was your player host?
"Aaron Lumpkin."

What were your impressions of him?
"He is a real smart guy. He told me a lot about the program. He told me how he had graduated in three and a half years."

I talked to Dezmond Sherrod earlier and he said you two hung out together. Who were some other players that you hung out with?
"I hung around with Dezmond more than anybody. I also hung around with Rickey Wright. Also, Jarvis (Jackson) and Jeramie (Johnson). I was around them a lot."

What other schools are showing interest in you?
"Southern Miss, Jackson State and Alcorn State."

What schools are you going to visit?
"I'm finished with my visits."

Really? What other schools did you visit?
"I went to Southern (Miss) and Mississippi State."

So, those two schools must be your leaders?
"Yes sir."

Are you leaning to either one of those schools?
"Not really, they are pretty much equal."

That should do it, Eric. I appreciate you talking to me.
"Yes sir."

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