Eddie Miller Talks About His MSU Visit

[Premium Article] Venice Senior High School (Los Angeles, CA) quarterback Eddie Miller talked to Gene's Page about his official visit to Mississippi State this past weekend.

I know you just visited Mississippi State. I'm calling to find out how your visit went.
"It went great. We had a fabulous time. We had so much fun."

Was it the first time that you have been to Mississippi?

Talk about the overall visit.
"To start off, my host was Blake (Pettit), a freshman tight end. He was really cool. We hit it off. We had a great time. The hosts, when you go to these schools, really have a lot to do with whether you feel comfortable and want to commit to the school or how much you like it there.

"Of course, (new MSU DL) Coach (John) Blake, who we know, is good friends with our head coach. Coach Blake also worked out a lot of his NFL guys and I worked out a couple of their guys for the Senior Bowl. I worked out Cliff Russell from Utah and a couple of receivers. That is really how I know him. He is really a great guy. Of course, we also know (new MSU offensive coordinator) Coach (Morris) Watts. We knew him from Michigan State. We knew a couple of their coaches and that really helped us.

"And Coach Sherrill is great. He is a great guy. He was great to talk to. I felt very comfortable talking to him. I really like how he runs his program.

"The academics are great. I guess Mississippi State is second in the SEC academically. They graduate 70% of their football players for the past 11 years. That is something to be considered when you are looking at a school. Academics are a priority for us.

"We talked to a couple of the track athletes. We went to a couple of the girl soccer players' parties. It was great. We talked to them and got a feel about what they liked about the university. They didn't have anything negative to say about the university. Every single player that I talked to only had great things to say about Coach Sherrill. And, usually, players are pretty honest about the coaches.

"Mississippi State has everything. We really loved it out there."

What are you going to major in?
"I'm going to major in communication. Me and (teammate) B. J. (Vickers) went to the communications department and talked to a professor. We really liked what the communications program had to offer." Just curious about something. You live in Los Angeles, which is one of the biggest cities in the world. Starkville is a small college town. Will that have an impact on your decision?
"I've been asked that question a 100 times. Really, we've kind of targeted schools that are in small cities or small towns. We prefer smaller towns. They have more of the college atmosphere. The college students are like priority. It is basically 20,000 college students in town and we really like that a lot. It really appeals to us."

It definitely sounds like you had a great visit. Was it your first official visit?
"Yeah, this was my first official visit. We went to the semis in the playoffs. I wanted to concentrate on the season, then recruiting comes next."

I know the schools you are visiting are MSU, Louisville, Cincinnati and Hawaii. Do you have them in any kind of order of preference?
"I'm really concentrating on Mississippi State and Louisville. I've made that pretty clear to the coaches, too. I haven't been offered by Mississippi State. B. J. has, but I haven't. Mississippi State's coaches are supposed to talk about it and get back to me this week. Tennessee is supposed to come in and talk to us this week, also. My decision as to whether I will trip to Tennessee and how I approach Louisville will have to do with what Mississippi State and their coaches do with me."

I'm curious about something; how did you guys get involved with Mississippi State? I didn't even know MSU was recruiting you until about two weeks ago.
"It has to do with a couple of things. First of all, Coach Blake is a big factor in it. We feel very comfortable with him. And we have a lot of respect for Coach Watts. I think he had the number one offense in the nation three years ago. We know about those coaches and trust them and know their work. We sat down with Coach Watts and talked about his offensive scheme and how he runs things. It is very similar to how my coach ran his offense, extremely similar, actually. The transition, football-wise, won't be as bas as it would be at other schools."

That should do it, Eddie. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. "Ok, bye."

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