Already Receiving Looks From Two SEC Teams

Washington (Greenville, MS) School's pitcher/shortstop Eric Brozovich (6-2, 178) has a chance to be a special player by his senior season and a couple of SEC schools have taken notice of him.

"Ole Miss and Mississippi State have noticed me as well as a bunch of junior colleges," said Eric, who plays for the Mississippi Prospects travel team during the summer months. "My coach knows a lot of people that are asking about me. That has surprised me that they are showing interest in me."

Ole Miss and Mississippi State first noticed him as a 15-year-old.

"I was at Mississippi State when I was 15 and they liked me and Ole Miss liked my fastball as a 15-year-old," said Eric. "It was 86 at that time."

And since then his fastball has increased a couple of more miles per hour.

"My fastball velocity is normally 83 to 85 and I've topped out at 87, 88," said the youngster. "I have been throwing a two-seam fastball forever, but I've just started throwing a four-seam fastball this year. I throw it against righthanded hitters and against lefthanders I mostly throw a two-seam."

His fastball is just one of the pitches that he has a lot of confidence in.

"I have a good slider that I use a lot," said Eric. "I also have a curveball but I don't use it as much as I use my slider. I have a changeup that breaks off the table pretty good that I like to use."

Eric grew up a fan of one of the Mississippi schools but really has no solid preference either way.

"My brother goes to Ole Miss and I grew up an Ole Miss fan but Mississippi State has shown more interest in me and I'm going more to that side now," said Eric. "But really I'll go anywhere because I just want to play ball."

Whatever college he ends up at, his talent as a pitcher will probably be what gets him there.

"They are talking about me more as a pitcher right now and shortstop, too, but mostly as a pitcher," said Eric.

And that's fine with him.

"I like to pitch because I feel like I have control of the game most of the time because I have the ball the entire time," said Eric, who is also Washington School's quarterback.

But just in case pitching doesn't work out as he hopes, he's leaving the door open at shortstop, too.

"I can hit so shortstop works out fine, too," said Eric Brozovich.

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