Sam Killingsworth Recruiting Update

[Premium Article] Sam Killingsworth is a 5-9, 175-pound WR/DB from Ruleville Central High School in Ruleville, Mississippi. Gene's Page recently caught up with him to see how his recruiting is going.

We have you listed at 5-9, 175, is that still right?
"Yes sir, that is right."

What schools are still recruiting you?
"Southeastern (Louisiana), Alcorn State, Delta State, Marshall, and Mississippi State."

I know that you played running back in high school, what position is State recruiting you for?
"They are recruiting me as a d-back."

Is that what you want to play?
"Yes sir, after playing running back for the last two years I am sick of getting hit, and I want to be the one doing the hitting. I played some d-back in the spring and for my first two years, but the coach wanted me just at tailback."

What coach for State has been recruiting you?
"Glenn Davis and Coach Blake."

What did you think of them?
"I really like coach Davis. He and my dad played together and he is a really nice guy. Coach Blake is a nice guy too, he really knows his stuff."

Has he shown you his Super Bowl rings?
"Yeah, (laughing) he came by the school, but he missed me so my coach brought him by my house to talk to me. I saw the rings on his hands and I asked him about them. To have Super Bowl rings means you really know what you are doing."

Have you set up a visit to State yet?
"Actually, he (Coach Blake) is supposed to be calling tonight so that we can set that up."

Have any of the schools that are recruiting you offered scholarships?
"Not yet, but if State offers then I am pretty sure I will be coming up there pretty soon. They are beating everybody else."

So what would you say are your favorites?
"State, Alcorn, Jackson State and Southern Miss."

Thanks Sam.
"Thank you, have a good one."

Grant Alford is a free-lance correspondent for Gene's Page. He is a student at Mississippi State University. You can contact him by email at

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