A Q&A With OL J.C. Brignone

Mississippi State junior offensive lineman J.C. Brignone talks about the prospects of being a father in about four months.

You and your wife are expecting.
"Yeah, we found out that we were having a baby about 20 weeks ago. Everything has been pretty exciting since."

Being a football player and a student-athlete, how have things changed?
"You know it was a big thing to me getting married. It was a big growing up factor. And a lot of people have told me the same thing about having a baby. It's going to change my life completely. And I'm so ready for it.

"My father was my biggest backer and my mom was my biggest backer. But (my wife) Blair has taken that place and been unbelievable.

"We found out two weeks ago that it was going to be a little girl. And just to find out that I'm going to have a baby girl is amazing. They always say Daddy's little girl."

When you found out that your wife was pregnant what was the first thing that you did?
"Actually, my wife had gone to the student health center to go find out the results of her tests. We were in meetings right before practice. And I had been so antsy waiting to get out because I couldn't go with her. I hate to say it but I wasn't paying attention to anything. After the meeting I ran to the locker room and was waiting for the phone call. I got the phone call and she told me she was pregnant. And I was so excited. I was talking to her then I realized that I was late for our walk-through outside. So, I took off running and Coach Hevesy was wondering where I was. I went through the warmups and told everybody after."

Did Coach Hevesy excuse you for being late?
"Oh yeah. He said it was great."

How did you tell them?
"The whole offensive line was out there together, so I got them all together and told them we were going to have a little girl."

What was their reaction?
"Everybody was excited and everybody was behind me. They told me if I needed any help to let them know. A lot of guys have been there for me."

How you started buying clothes for the baby?
"We've started picking out stuff. But we are trying to find out when I'm going to get a break so that I can go home so that we can have the baby shower and things like that. That's been the toughest thing, but I'm leaving all that to my wife. I'm just going to drive the car to go home."

Has Coach Mullen, also a new father, given you any advice?
"Yes, I'm spoken to him. He said it's going to be a tough thing and wide open. But it'll be going into the spring so it'll be a little easier."

When is the due date?
"She is supposed to be here December 6th, right around the SEC Championship game which I think is the 5th, so we'll probably be somewhere in Atlanta, hopefully. I hope she'll be able to be born in the same hospital I was in Atlanta. I'll be pretty excited about that if it happens."

Have you come up with a name?
"We've come up with the name Millie Lane."

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