A Q&A With MSU Basketball's Dee Bost

Mississippi State sophomore point guard Dee Bost talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What are you trying to do this year to improve your game?
"I am lifting hard everyday and trying to gain weight. Gaining weight was one of my goals during the offseason. And I've gained 11 pounds during the period."

How much do you weigh and how much are you trying to get to?
"174. I want to get to 180. I was 163 last year, so I gained 11 pounds. That has really helped my game out a lot just from coming off screens and people pushing me wide and attacking the basket."

Did being that small really hurt you that much last year offensively?
"Yeah, that hurt me a lot. People might not have noticed this but they pushed me wide when they were defending me and that caused me to take longer to get to the rim. This year, the added weight has helped me with that because people set screens and they can't push me wide."

What are some other things that you are trying to improve?
"I'm trying to get my jumper consistent, working on my jump shot. Me, Ro (Romero Osby), Kodi (Augustus), Shaunessy (Smith), we are all in the gym together everyday. We shoot a lot of jump shots. And I try to keep my handles tight."

How much time do you guys spend in the gym?
"Sometimes we spend an hour and a half to two hours after we get through lifting weights."

Due to that work, do you feel like your jump shot has gotten better?
"Yes sir, it has. It has gotten a lot better. That is one of the main things that I have improved on. That, my weight and my leadership skills."

But you are already comfortable being a leader aren't you?
"Yes sir, I am. But I wanted to get my skills a little better."

When you step foot on the court this coming season what will MSU fans see from Dee Bost compared to the Dee Bost of last season?
"They are going to see a more improved player, a player who helps us win more this year. It's really going to be up to me because I'm the point guard."

When I did my video interview with Renardo Sidney he talked about how well you play defense. Was that something you felt you were pretty good at last year or is it something that you are working hard on this summer?
"Last year, at the beginning of the year my defense was kind of down and coach (Stansbury) stayed on me about my defense. He would keep a chart on how many times my man got into the lane. Then, as the year went on, I got better and better at it. Now, I'm trying to carry that over from the end of the year and continue to work on it and get better. I take it personal when my man scores."

What are you doing to make yourself better defensively?
"Actually, the squats help you. Then, we push the sled, which helps your lateral movement."

What do you think is the realistic potential of this year's team?
"Realistically, we have to take it game by game. But really the SEC champions, not just west but overall. Then, make a run in the NCAA Tournament to at least the Elite Eight."

What's the potential if Renardo Sidney is cleared to play?
"If he gets cleared we are going to be real exciting. We are already good but he's a great player and when we add him that adds more talent and more depth to our team."

What are your thoughts about freshman John Riek as a player?
"John, considering he has been out for a while because of that knee surgery, is getting better everyday. He is athletic for a 7-foot big man."

He's a different type player than Jarvis Varnado. What can you do, as a point guard, with a guy like that?
"With him we can do a lot of different things. As far as when we drive, if he can catch on to the game quick enough, it will make it that much easier to dump it off for a quick dunk or throw it up and let him go get it. But Jarvis can do that same thing."

Then you may add Renardo Sidney to the mix, which gives you three talented big men inside.
"Yeah, when I get to the hole I can dish it off to any of them and they should finish it off with ease."

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