A Q&A With Nick Bell

Mississippi State redshirt freshman defensive end Nick Bell talks one-on-one with Gene's Page.

What improvements did you try to make this summer?
"I'm just tried to work on getting bigger and stronger because that will help me with my game."

You look like you've gained quite a bit of weight. How much do you weigh now and how much weight have you added?
"I've put on something like 15 or more pounds. I'm up to 260 now. I weighed about 240 to 242, somewhere like that at the end of last season."

You've added weight. You also mentioned that you have gotten stronger. How much stronger have you gotten in your squat and bench press?
"On my squat I have gone up about 100 pounds. And on my bench I went up like 60 to 65 pounds."

What are your maximums on both of those now?
"It really changes, but I think my squat max is something like 500-something. And my bench is something like 400 now."

Other than trying to get bigger and stronger what other things have you worked on during the offseason?
"Mainly what I tried to concentrate on in the spring was pass-rush, getting a good pass-rush because that is what we need. We need sacks. We need plays to be made and that's how you do it - sacks and tackles for losses."

What improvements have you seen on the defensive line during the offseason?
"Everybody is competing. This week this guy will be starting and the next week somebody else is starting. So, it's a good close race. There is a lot of competition going on."

You redshirted last season. You'll get to play this year. The first practice is Monday. What are your thoughts going into that first practice?
"I'm going to come out and go hard and do the best I can do; be the best Nick Bell that I can be."

Of the freshmen that have come in this summer, which one has impressed you the most?
"I don't want to be biased but I'm going to say Brandon Heavens. I haven't worked out with any of these guys but we run together. And when I see him run I see his speed. When he's running with the DBs and receivers he might be five steps in front of everybody. He's just so explosive. I told him that he needs to put on some weight. But he's put on 12 pounds since he's been here. He's up to 160 or 162, something like that."

What are your hopes for this year's team?
"To go to Atlanta (and the SEC Championship game) and win the SEC (championship). And we want to win every home game. We believe if we win every home game that will take us to Atlanta."

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