MSU Coach Mark Hudspeth Talks About His WRs

Mississippi State wide receivers coach Mark Hudspeth talks about his position players.

The wide receivers looked pretty good during the first two practices?
"The difference between the spring and now is not only do we have bodies out there but we have quality bodies. And we have a lot of freshmen who really have a lot of potential."

Freshmen Chad Bumphis and Brandon Heavens both looked really, really quick running their routes.
"Obviously both of those guys have a lot of speed and a lot of quickness, a lot of body control. They are both going to play the H-position for us."

What exactly is the H-position?
"It's the inside receiver. We'll be able to get them the ball and, hopefully, they will make some plays."

Who are some others that have impressed you among all the wide receivers?
"Right now, (junior) Leon Berry, (senior) Brandon McRae, (redshirt freshman) O'Neal Wilder and (senior) Tay Bowser have a really good grasp, at this point after two days, of what we are trying to do. We are just trying to expedite the progress of all these freshmen because they are going to have to help us this year."

Are you expecting Chad and Brandon to play this season?
"Brandon needs to put on a little more weight but Chad is physically able to help us right now just because of his size, strength and speed. And Dennis Thames has some ability, too, so I wouldn't rule him out either. But it's really way too early to say for sure other than to say that they are working hard and that we have thrown a lot at them in two days and their heads are spinning. And the thing about it is it's going to get worse as we continue to throw the playbook at them every day for the next three days."

Leon Berry had a great spring. Has he improved in the things that you wanted him to during the summer?
"He came back in fantastic shape. This entire football team is in great shape. You have to give (strength coach) Matt Balis and his entire crew all the credit for that because they have spend a lot of time with these guys."

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