Greg Knox: MSU Freshmen Running Backs

Mississippi State running backs coach Greg Knox talks about the freshmen running backs.

How are your freshmen running backs doing so far?
"The freshmen are doing good. They are trying to process a lot of information right now because we have put in a lot of information. Their heads are kind of swimming but the ability is there."

Talk a little more about them specifically, first Montrell Conner.
"Montrell is big, physical, quick, he has all the tools you are looking for in a running back. It's just the process now of him being able to process the information and going out and executing it at the speed we need him to. He's able to do it but his tempo is a little slow right now because he's still thinking about the steps."

What are your thoughts about LaDarius Perkins?
"It's the same thing with him, he has all the tools and everything is there but it's all mental with him right now. It's going to take both of them another week and a half to two weeks to process all the information."

William Shumpert is another freshman running back.
"Shumpert seems to be an aggressive kid, willing to learn and wants to get in there. He's definitely a physical, tough kid. He's kind of what we are looking for in that kind of body.

"We also have (walk-on freshman) Adrian Marcus who is the same type of kid as Shumpert; very aggressive, smart, picks up things quickly.

"Those four are doing well."

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