It's Not Your Typical Day On The Farm

While these 105 guys are working on the farm, Mississippi State's south farm that is, there's no baling hay, no planting corn, no milking the cows or anything else you would consider your typical farm type work. It's 100% football and Mississippi State starting quarterback Tyson Lee wouldn't have it any other way.

"Overall, I think we are doing well because we don't have to worry about anything or anybody," said the senior signal-caller. "It's just the coaches, the players and the training staff all day and every day. We leave there, we come back here then we get ready to go back out there. We continue to build the team as a whole."

And the team is showing the results from the lack of distractions.

"The first week we were just kind of getting in the groove but this is our second week and I think things are going a lot smoother," said Tyson. "We did a lot of installing last week. This week, we are just trying to go back and look at things that we installed and try to get them picture perfect."

As for how the offense and defense did during Monday's early morning practice, Tyson was particularly impressed with what he saw from the defensive side of the ball moreso than what he saw from the offense.

"I thought the defense did really well this morning," said Tyson. "Offensively, we were this close a lot of times at executing. It was small things here, small things there."

One thing he's noticed from both sides is the competitiveness.

"There is competition at every position, from center to quarterback to running back to wide receivers," said Tyson. "It's wide open on offense and defense. Coach (Mullen) continues to impress upon us that whoever wants to compete and wants the job that's who (the coaches) will give it to."

And they won't have to bale any hay, either.

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