A Quick Hitter With LB Coach Carl Torbush

Mississippi State lineback coach Carl Torbush talks about his freshman linebacker, Deontae Skinner.

What are your thoughts about true freshman linebacker Deontae Skinner?
"When we came out there the first day I was a little bit worried. The first day he was a little slow but that was due to him trying to learn the terminology, trying to get into a stance, where to line up and other things like that. But I was really impressed with him the second day when the freshmen came out with the varsity. He really picked it up."

Do you have any idea if he'll play this year or possibly redshirt?
"I don't know right now. It'll probably take about a week and a half to figure out if he has a chance to contribute this year. But there is no question that we signed the right player because he's a very, very good football player. He's very conscientious and wants to do well. He has good instincts and has some intelligence as a football player. And I think he has an outstanding future."

What do you like about his physical ability?
"He has good size. He's already about 240, so he doesn't need to get any bigger. He's got the size to be the prototype SAM linebacker."

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