A Quick Hitter With S Coach Tony Hughes

Mississippi State safeties coach Tony Hughes talks about his freshman safety, Nickoe Whitley.

What are the things you like about true freshman safety Nickoe Whitley?
"I like his intensity, his effort, his attention to detail, his competitiveness. And he does some ability. He's very athletic. He's coming off a knee injury that he had in high school but he hasn't shown any signs of the knee injury."

Is he able to do everything you expect him to do?
"Everything. He hasn't missed anything."

Isn't that unusual?
"Yes, but it's been about a year."

What are some things that he needs to continue to work on?
"Coverage assignments, understanding where to be when the ball is snapped. Really the technical things. Overall, I'm pleased with the way he is handling everything. And he has a great desire to learn and to be a really good player."

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