"We Wanted To Make A Statement"

OFFENSIVE TACKLE DEREK SHERROD: "It was a real big effort for our offense. Because we went out and executed and went through our fundamentals. And it got pretty easy with the defense doing a fantastic job. They got a lot of turnovers for us and we utilized that to put it in the end zone and get up on the other team."

Q: Was there any halftime concern about just scoring twice with all the chances? "Not really, because we knew we had it in us to put the points on the board. It didn't happen right away but it came through, we did a great job and came through with the win."

Q: Talk about riding Chris Relf's running much of the game? "Chris did a wonderful job. I know any quarterback that goes in is going to get the job done because we have a great quarterback system, and we got into great field position because of our defense. Therefore it made it a lot easier for the line, the receivers, and the quarterback because we knew we had a great advantage in that field position. And we put it in the end zone."

"It's a wonderful win for the entire Bulldog nation. We just want to utilize this win to propel us forward to the next weekend, feed off of this and know that we're going to face a pretty good team next week."

WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: How did the rain delay affect the team? "When we first went in everybody was kind of quiet, but the strength coach didn't let that last long!"

Q: How did the first touchdown feel? "For me it was just crazy. That first catch I just went blank, my whole body went numb. I saw open field and I pretty much forgot all the technique I've been taught, like tucking the ball away. I'm sure I will hear about that tomorrow!"

Q: Talk about the first play call to you: "I was just doing what they asked me to do, I guess! It feels good, I don't look at it as pressure. I just look at it as a compliment that he thinks I'm good enough to get the job done. We all (the freshmen) do."

Q: Now that first-game jitters are done, how does the mindset change for SEC season? "Just prepare. Put in a game plan and go out and execute it."

Q: How much did you enjoy finally playing in the spread? "It was great, I mean finally getting to beat other people, we've been going at each other for two months not and finally getting to see another uniform and just play somebody else is fun."

Q: Talk about playing for two quarterbacks? "It's not really much of a difference, we go with both of them in practice every day. They're both real good, Tyson is just so smart and able to help everybody get in position any time. And Chris was doing fine later. It makes a lot easier having both."

"Me and Brandon Heavens are the two ‘H's right now, so he's got a lot of trust in us."

On coming back from the ankle problem: "My ankle felt great, it didn't bother me not at all. When I was out I was still working out, every time we had meetings I was over there listening. The coaches called it mental rest because I was resting but when i got back I was right there with everybody."

CORNERBACK/SPECIAL TEAMS COREY BROOMFIELD: On his interception return touchdown: "It felt great for my family, and for my teammates. When I got back to the sideline they were all on top of me. It felt great being a team."

"I was making sure I got in that time. I read the ball, I tried to stay high and on top of the ball. It seemed to sail on him and I had a chance to make a play, and I made it."

Q: Do you prepare for blocked kicks and returns? "Yeah, we practice every day. I'm a scoop-and-score guy. He (Tay Bowser) blocked it and it came right to me and I just went as fast as I could."

Q: What was the reaction when you saw the penalty? "It was worse than when we had to come back in after the lightning!"

On the delayed start: "It was disappointing to wait. But when we came back out there it wasn't as hot! You get so high, you run through the smoke, your adrenalin is running, and then boom! It's flat again, you go back in. So Coach got the music playing, started scratching you know. And if any of y'all know Coach Balis, he's not going to let you stay down too long!"

"Me and my teammates feel we worked harder than everybody in the nation, and you just reap what you sow. That's how we feel about it, we really work hard."

Q: What does it say having so many freshmen and redshirt freshmen playmakers on this team? "Me and Louis (Watson) talk about that every day, how great a future we have and all our teammates. It's going to be great and we're going to keep building on this. The work ethic and the fun and the brotherhood we got right now, it's great. Brandon Heavens, Chad Bumphis, I love that, you know? And all us (redshirts) felt we could have helped last year but we're doing what we can now."

DEFENSIVE TACKLE PERNELL MCPHEE: "We know how to make plays and that's what we did. All the (backup) linemen get a lot of reps in practice so we expect to come into the game focused, and that' what they did."

Q: When did you know you would start at end? "I really didn't know. They had moved me to end last week and I was surprised, all of a sudden I just had to start getting used to pass-rushing from the outside. I was at defensive tackle from January and had got used to playing tackle. But when I went back to end I had to get used to it again."

Q: There were lots of big plays, but this game was won at the line of scrimmage as you dominated Jackson State's offensive line? "Oh, yes, that was our plan. We wanted to come out and make a statement and do things that people thought we weren't going to do. We wanted to make a statement and I hope we continue for the rest of the year."

"One thing about the defense, we're going to come out and play like our hair is on fire. We're going to play high-intensity, run to the ball every play. Next week will be pretty exciting, that's going to be my first SEC game and I plan to turn it up a lot. Because the bigger the game, that's when your playmakers step up."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: "Starting off I was a little nervous. But I had to be relaxed for my team, go out and be a leader, so I tried to go out and give 100%."

Q: How much had the staff told you to expect rotating with Tyson? "They hadn't told me, I just had to be ready. I didn't know it was going to happen."

Q: When the time-out was called on 4th-and-1, did you know you were coming in? "Yes, sir." On halftime planning: "I knew Tyson got hurt so I had to step up and be a leader. Coach told us we had to come back out and execute, so that's what we came out and did. The first half I think we just weren't executing. We had to step it up, that's the main thing."

Q: How comfortable are you throwing to true freshmen like these? "Oh, real comfortable. We were throwing to them all summer."

Q: How comfortable are you in the spread? "I love the offense, I ran it in high school. My 11th grade year we went to a wing-T, my 12th year we went to a spread because they wanted to run the offense around me. So I felt like I have a lot of options in the offense, running and passing."

Q: How would you grade yourself today? "I grade myself, I'd say 98%! I've got a lot of confidence."

RUNNING BACK ROB ELLIOT: "I really felt good. I mean, I wasn't doing anything too amazing, really if give all the credit to the offensive line and God. The offensive line opened the holes and all I did was my job."

Q: Were you reading the blocking on your touchdown? "I waited for the offensive line to make all their blocks, and when they did I could see the hole."

"Being out so long, just being back out there it was a blessing to be out there with those guys. I took a hard blow last year and didn't know if I was going to come back or not. Coming back with all the guys feels great."

"I haven't ran like this since high school, and that's been about three years ago."

Q: When did you know Anthony Dixon was suspended? "I didn't know he was suspended! I didn't know anything about it."

Q: What did you think would be your role this week? "I knew I was going to have a big role on special teams, on kickoffs and punt block, and that was what I was focused on all week."

"We all have roles to play. Dixon has his role, Ducre has his role, Stallworth has his role, and I have my role. We all just try to play our roles to the best of our abilities."

Q: Were you cramping in the fourth quarter on the sideline? "No, sir, I got the wind knocked out of me."

Q: Did the backs say anything to Christian Ducre after his fumbles? "Yeah, just to keep his head up. It wasn't a big deal, and one of those he didn't really fumble because he was down. We just stayed positive."

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