Andrew Powell Talks About His Commitment to MSU

Andrew Powell, a 6-1.5, 300-pound defensive lineman from Clewiston (FL) High School, committed to Mississippi State last weekend. Andrew talked to Gene's Page about his commitment.

You committed while on your visit to State, didn't you?
"Yes sir, I committed."

Talk about how your visit to Mississippi State last weekend went.
"It was great."

Talk a little more about your visit. What were some of the things you liked?
"The interest they showed in the recruits."

Who was your player host?
"Curtis Stowers."

Who were some of the guys you hung around with while on your visit?
"There was a guy from Florida named Chris Anderson and another guy from Florida named Marcus Thomas. They are teammates. And Brad Horton from Atlanta, Georgia. And Donovan Davis, we talked a lot, too. And there was a guy named Akeem (Lofton)."

Did you get to meet all of the coaches?
"Yes sir."

What did you think about your position coach, Coach Blake?
"He is exciting and he knows the position well. He felt like he has a lot of things that he can teach me. He has been at the next level and can get me ready to go to the place I want to go as well as helping make me a great person."

What did he tell you that he liked about you as a defensive lineman?
"He said when he coached in the NFL I reminded him a lot (of a player that is in the NFL)."

You are a pretty strong guy aren't you? What is your bench and squat?
"360 on the bench and 450 on the squat."

I've seen your height listed at several different heights. What is your true height and weight?
"6-1.5 and 300."

Did you play both ways in high school?
"I played both ways in high school but I'm going to Mississippi State strictly for defense."

Now that you have committed, are you going to take any more visits?
"I've told everybody who has called me that I'm not going to take any more visits. I've made my decision."

Who are some of the other schools that you considered?
"Iowa State, Indiana, Southern Illinois, Florida International, UCF (Central Florida), Florida Atlantic University and Florida."

I'm curious about something, when did Mississippi State get involved in your recruitment?
"About half way through the season. We were in the playoffs, then they started calling my coaches again. I met Coach Blake and he talked to me for about 5 minutes. I was in a rush to go out of town to got take a picture for the newspaper article."

Who was the first coach to talk to you from Mississippi State?
"First, it was Coach Tidwell, then Coach Blake came."

Did you know much about Mississippi State prior to your visit?
"Two of my coaches went to Mississippi State, Tom Morrell and Tommy Morrell."

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Andrew.

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