"We Just Didn't Execute, I Guess"

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: What was the difference on offense from first to second half? "We just didn't finish off the drives, you know. We had one little thing going wrong. We have to get all eleven on the same page, and I believe when we do that we're going to be a good offense."

Q: How did getting back on the field feel? "It felt good, like old times. I was excited, I just wish I could have done more to help my team get a W."

Q: How much do you weigh now? "Report day I was like 255, I got down to 235 and I might actually be a little lower this week. Yeah, I feel like I'm quicker, a whole better player this year. I worked real hard at getting better this year and think I achieved that."

Q: What was missing last week like? "Oh, man, it was a bunch of mixed emotions. I was mad, I was sad, I was happy, then mad again. But I just tried to be there for my team and give them as much energy as I could to help them do their jobs. I did my part."

Q: What can you take from tonight's game? "I think we can take a lot of things out of it. Special teams looked good, I think the offense looked good tonight at times. Even the defense looked good at times. So we can take little things from it."

"I feel I can get better on my blocking, I can hit the holes a little harder. I feel it's a lot improved, you know, it's just my first one and I can get better."

Q: How did it feel on 4th-and-1 when they went to you again? "It just showed confidence in me, it showed confidence in the offense. I think that's going to go a long way this year, knowing that we've got a coach that's going to ride with us. That all that work we've done in the summer, he's going to let us go for it."

"We're going back to the drawing board and come back with a new plan next week."

RECEIVER/RETURNER LEON BERRY: "We tried to battle it out, we had a gameplan all week. We just didn't execute I guess. We have to come back hard this week, we've got another road game so we're going to come back and work hard for it."

Q: Was there anything on Auburn's defense that wasn't planned for? "Not really, it's just we didn't execute well like we're supposed to. We practiced for it and planned for it but it didn't go in our favor."

Q: How did the interception return set Chris Relf back? "That kind of was a setback, I know when I got to the sideline he was kind of looking down. I told him man, keep your head up and we're just going to push forward, just forget about it."

Q: How disappointing was the third quarter? "I know the defense was kind of down because they gave up a lot of rushing yards. I kept walking to their side and telling them keep your head up and play through it. We've worked hard since January, we came out and were supposed to do better than we did. But it just didn't go our way."

Q: It looked like you were this close to breaking several returns? "Man, I was playing for my family, for my team period, and trying to work hard."

"We've just got to forget about it, put it behind us, and just work hard. Like Coach said, we've got another road game and got to get us a win. We can't go two losses like that, we've got to get us a win."

"I feel better about the offense, we're kind of balanced, and we know our defense is better than that, I work with those boys the whole summer and know how they play."

PUNTER HEATH HUTCHINS "I think I did pretty good. I had one punt that didn't come off my foot exactly like I wanted it to. For the most part I had pretty good get-off times and hang time."

"I felt prepared when I went out there. I won't lie, I did get a little nervous and the first punt, the leg wouldn't move it seemed like! But after that I was pretty good to go. Once I kicked that first punt I was good. The second one didn't spiral good but after that I felt I had to go make up for it and I felt I kind of did."

Q: Auburn's average distance of drives was 77 yards, that's what a punter wants to do. "Yeah, I feel like I kind of helped them out with their offensive yards tonight! I mean, you don't 500-plus yards without getting pinned deep every time. I think I had one or two that I needed one or two more yards to put inside the twenty, but you can't complain."

Q: You had good support in coverage. "Yeah, the coverage was real good. Auburn's return guys wouldn't let anything touch the ground."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY Q: Was it surprising after last week to give up that many yards and points? "Very surprising. It never entered my mind that it end up like this. But you live and you learn. We go back to the drawing board and see what we did wrong and get ready for Vanderbilt next week."

Q: What was Auburn's offense doing? "They did a pretty good job, they were trying to get to the edge and it seemed every time they tried to get outside they were able to. They did a good job but basically they just had straight lanes to run through, their offensive line did a great job."

Q: Did their no-huddle have any effect on you guys? "I don't think it had an effect. I think it was just not playing like we're supposed to play on defense. Give props to them, because they did a good job executing their gameplan to the best of their ability, they got like 600 yards of offense."

Q: After the blocked punt for a lead, how did the two Auburn scores affect the halftime mood? "I mean, it affected it. You can't can't have nothing like that. I don't know how much time was left but they scored twice, quick, and you can't have that. Like I said, you learn from your mistakes."

Q: What mistakes will you try to learn from? "Just go make plays. When you've got an opportunity to make plays you've got to make the plays. One on one, anything, you've got to make the plays. This is SEC football so you have to go make plays."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF Q: What were your emotions playing close to home? "I just thought of it as a regular game. I just tried to go out there and play my hardest. There were mistakes I shouldn't have made."

Q: Did you not see the defensive end on the pass? "I saw him, I just miss-read it."

Q: After the interception touchdown what was your mindset? "We didn't execute well on offense. At times we did. And at times on defense we didn't execute well."

Q: Talk about the Auburn defense? "Auburn had a pretty good defense. They played well, the defensive line played real well."

"It hurts. Everybody wants to win. The main thing is we have to come out next week and win."

Q: What were the coaches saying when you were sitting down a long time? "They were just telling me to relax, that's the main thing."

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