61 Bulldogs See Action At Auburn

For the first SEC road trip of the 2009 season, Mississippi State dressed the maximum 70 players allowed to travel. Of these 61 saw action at Auburn, a dozen fewer than the 73 who played in last week's home opener. The participants are as follows (*--starter; GP-GS in 2009):

*WR Chad Bumphis 2-1, RB Robert Elliot 2-0, WR Brandon Heavens 2-0, *S Charles Mitchell 2-2, *WR Brandon McRae 2-1, S Wade Bonner 2-0, WR/KR Leon Berry 2-0, ST Cameron Lawrence 2-0, DB Jonathan Banks 2-0, QB Chris Relf 2-0, *QB Tyson Lee 2-2, *CB Marcus Washington 2-2, CB/ST Louis Watson 2-0, *LB Jamar Chaney 2-2, RB Sylvester Hemphill 2-1, CB/ST Corey Broomfield 2-0, *CB Damein Anderson 2-2, ST Tay Bowser 2-0, RB Christian Ducre 2-1, RB Arnil Stallworth 2-0, WR Taylor Reed 2-0, *TE Marcus Green 2-2, LB Jamie Jones 2-0, *LB K.J. Wright 2-2, RB Patrick Hanrahan 2-0, DE Nick Bell 2-0, K Sean Brauchle 2-2, P Heath Hutchins 2-2, *S Zach Smith 2-2, LB Bo Walters 2-0, DS Aaron Feld 2-2, ST Chris Cameron 2-0, ST Emmanuel Gatling 2-0, LB Terrell Johnson 2-0, *LB Chris White 2-2, LB Karlin Brown 2-0, DE Trevor Stigers 2-0, *OG Quentin Saulsberry 2-2, LB Brandon Wilson 2-0, DE Devin Jones, 2-0, *OT Addison Lawrence 2-2, ST Reggie Odom 2-0, *OC J. C. Brignone 2-2, ST John McMillan 2-0, OG Mark Melichar 2-0, *OG Craig Jenkins 2-2, OT/ST Phillip Freeman 2-0, *OT Derek Sherrod 2-2, *WR O'Neal Wilder 2-2, TE Thomas Webb 2-0, WR Chris Smith 2-0, *TE Kendrick Cook 2-1, *DL Pernell McPhee 2-2, *DT Charles Burns 2-2, *DE Brandon Cooper 2-2, DT Fletcher Cox 2-0, *DT Kyle Love 2-2, ST/DE Shane McCardell 2-0, DT Josh Boyd 2-0, DE Sean Ferguson 2-0

*Players dressed who did not participate were: QB Riley Saunders 1-0, QB Tyler Russell, K Derek DePasquale 1-0, ST Marvin Bure 1-0, OT Chris Spencer 1-0, ST D.J. Looney 1-0, OG Templeton Hardy 1-0, TE Austin Wilbanks 1-0, DT Rodney Prince 1-0.

*New starters from the opening week were: WR Brandon McRae, RB Anthony Dixon, TE Kendrick Cook.

*Starters in game-one that did not start tonight were: WR Chad Bumphis, FB Sylvester Hemphill, RB Christian Ducre.

*The starting offensive line played every possible snap with no substitutions. The backups who did see action were in special teams roles.

*Players last week who did not dress for today's game were: LB Mike Hunt, DT LaMarcus Williams, TE Brandon Henderson, WR Kyle Roberts, WR Andrew Ellard.

*First-time starters this season were: Dixon, Cook.

*First-time players were: none.

*Bulldog game captains were: LB Jamar Chaney, WR Brandon McRae, RB Arnil Stallworth, DT Charles Burns.

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