Corey Clark Talks About His Commitment to MSU

[Premium Article] Gene's Page interviewed Collins High School defensive lineman Corey Clark about his recent commitment to Mississippi State.

Talk about your commitment to Mississippi State.
"I had already liked Mississippi State when I went to their camp. When I went up there (for my official visit) I went ahead and confirmed it."

When did you actually commit to State, Friday or Saturday during your official visit?
"It was Saturday evening."

Which coach did you commit to?
"During the individual meeting I had with Coach Sherrill, I committed then."

Was he excited about it?
"Yes sir."

What did he say to you when you committed?
"I don't remember exactly what he said, but I remember Coach (John) Blake saying that I made his day."

So, Coach Blake was in the meeting with you?
"Yes sir. He was in there with us. It was me, my mother, my father, my sister, Coach Blake and Coach Sherrill."

Was it a relief to finally get this process over with except for actually signing on the dotted line?
"Yes sir, it is a big relief."

During your visit to State, did Coach Blake talk to you about what his plans for the positions that he will coach, defensive tackle and defensive end?
"Yes sir. He said that he was going to run 8 defensive linemen. He said that he likes to rotate players. He told me that I will get some playing time and could even start next year."

Are you going to try and come in early, maybe in late summer?
"Yes sir, I'm going to try and come up early."

That does it, Corey. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.
"Yes sir."

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