"We Said They're Not Scoring"

SAFETY ZACH SMITH "The defense just kept battling and kept battling. We talked about relentless effort and keep punching, and that's what we did tonight. And we came out on top."

Q: How were you different schematically tonight? "Last week obviously ran the ball on us. They didn't this week. I came down, changed from the ‘field' to the ‘boundary' so we could apply pressure with me coming off the edge. Most of the time we had another defensive lineman in there, it was a great scheme, Coach Torbush did a great job and all the other coaches. And players executed, you win when that happens."

Q: What happened on the 3rd-and-goal at the one? "We called zero-blitz, I was blitzing off the end and got lucky and got a real good jump on the ball and got in the backfield."

Q: "The main reason for getting down there, is we turn the ball over, it's 1st-and-goal at the four. We said they're not scoring, and everybody did their job, manned up and stopped them on third down and they kick a field goal. That's big, a big relief. Also it gets everybody excited."

Q: How much did you guys take last weekend personally? "It was a very, very long week of practice. We took it to heart. Because we have a good defense, we just got out of place last week and they hit us with a couple of big ones. That's over with, it helped us against Vanderbilt, we came out and they didn't score a touchdown against us."

Q: How much load did Tyson's touchdown run take off the defense? "It felt good. It was a six-point game so we thought a touchdown and we won't (be able to) go down one."

Q: "It's a great win. Because we're going to go back and the fans will be rocking next week. We'll play LSU and we mean to get another win, at home."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: Q: Talk about how you took last week's game into this week at practice? "We did take it personally. For a team to do what Auburn did to us, I mean you never forget about it. So we went into practice last week just to clean-up things, make sure we know what we're doing. Don't make mistakes, know what you're doing and when you get in the game execute that kind of stuff. We watched a lot of film, the Auburn game all week just to see what we did wrong. And to come out today and improve on it."

"Most teams after they see the Auburn game think they can run the ball on us, we had to come out here and prove them wrong."

Q: This week you were able to make substitutions against a no-huddle team? "I think we got more comfortable with ourselves. At Auburn we were rushing a lot of things. We thought the pace (tonight) was going to be way faster than what it was, it really wasn't that fast. They did a lot of checking to the sideline more times, and really it was just us more comfortable with what we were doing with the hurry-up offense."

"We're going to enjoy tonight. But tomorrow we've got practice and start planning for LSU. We ain't got too long to celebrate the win, we know it's a big game and it's a home game. And we thrive on playing good at home."

PLACEKICKER SEAN BRAUCHLE: Q: You obviously felt more comfortable out there? "Yeah, it takes a little while to adapt, I've found that out. And you have to find your comfort zone. I've hit it."

Q: Were there any concerns on the wet field? "I mean, all week we practiced in this. All week in Starkville it was raining. We weren't going inside, we were going to practice outside in the rain every day. So I was confident out there."

Q: Talk about the 49-yarder, it was huge at the time? "Yeah, I want to watch that on tape because that was kind of funny. I didn't watch the play-clock, I was relaxed and the play was hurried. And I nailed it! I was fortunate for that, and it felt good to hit a 49-yarder."

"I was ready to hit that fourth one and put the game kind of out of reach! You always have to be ready, on your toes, Coach Mullen teaches us you never know when you're going to be that person to make that important play. I'm happy they gave me the chance to put me out there and get points."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: "The defense played extremely well tonight, that's the highlight of the night. The defense played extremely well and got us in good positions. When a defense does that it's a lot easier."

Q: Talk about your touchdown run? "I made a lot of bad reads tonight, that was one of the ones I made a right read! Marcus Green did a great job with his block, the offensive line did a good job, and Boobie took one for the team! And I give that touchdown to him. Whenever he doesn't get up I know it's got to be something."

"Anthony had run hard all night, I think they were keying on him. When they did that it allowed me to have an open gap and we were able to get a touchdown. I pretty much mis-read it all night but that time I read it right and it worked out well." Q: Third down conversions weren't good, but it meant you converted several second downs? "The biggest thing for us is not to get in second-and-longs. First down if you can get three or four yards, that way we can have something to do on second and third down."

Q: How well did you handle no-huddle? "Oh, we handled it well. It's something we wanted to implement this week and I don't think Vanderbilt was ready for it because we hadn't done much of it."

Q: How much did the fumbled punt recovery boost the offense? "It's all about momentum. Especially on the road. Anytime you can take momentum from the other team, that's what you want to do. The punt team has done a great job all year and they continue to do that. And Brauchle did a great job putting up three field goals for us, you can't ask for anything better than that."

Q: Coach looked at the stats and said State has to pass better? "Most definitely. You can't run the ball in the SEC every down. We were fortunate enough to be able to get some big runs, but we've got to be able to move the ball down the field faster. Next week that'll be something we really work on."

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: Is your head still ringing? "Yeah, it's still ringing a little bit, he gave me a headache on that one! That's one of my top-three hardest hits right there!"

Q: But did you see Tyson running across the goal line? "I saw him, I was rolling over and saw it!"

Q: Talk about setting it up with the 40-yard run after being pretty quiet all half? "They were on me and it was frustrating. But at the same time we were in fight mode out there, that's what Coach has been preaching all summer: fight, keep punching, keep punching. I didn't get frustrated on the sideline though it was going through my head."

"But this being my last year I want to lead these dudes to a championship. So I'm in a fight mode, I'm going to keep fighting until the sixty minutes is over with."

"My confidence level is high. My confidence level is always high, you know! I just have to bring a certain amount of energy to the team every day. So I'm going to practice again tomorrow, we're going to enjoy this thing tonight but we've got to bring some more energy tomorrow."

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