Artez McLaughlin Talks About His Visit to MSU

[Premium Article] Artez McLaughlin (6-1, 185, 4.41) is a defensive back from Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, officially visited Mississippi State this past weekend. He talked to Gene's Page about his visit.

How did your visit to Mississippi State this past weekend go?
"It was great."

What were some things about the visit that impressed you about State?
"The was good. I went to the basketball game and with the fans it was exciting. That was a good game."

What was your impression of the Mississippi State coaches?
"The coaches were good. They kept it real. They were serious about things, but they had times when they would joke. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. I went up there by myself this time. My parents couldn't get off work this time."

Did you meet all of the coaches?
"I met all of them."

Who is the State coach that is recruiting you?
"Coach Hallman."

When did you have your one-on-one meeting with Coach Sherrill?
"It was (Saturday)."

How did the meeting go?
"It was good."

Had you met him before?
"No, that was the first time."

Were you a little nervous meeting him for the first time?
"Oh yeah, everyone is a little nervous the first time, but talking to him you see that he is an outstanding figure-head type person. He has a strong presence."

Who was your player host?
"Richard Burch."

Who did you hang out with while on your visit?
"I hung out with a couple of guys from Georgia."

Getting back to you personally, you are primarily being recruited by Ole Miss and Mississippi State?

When did they first involved in your recruitment?
"Ole Miss' coach was the first. He came to a couple of my games. He was at the Harrison Central game. Coach Hallman came around afterwards, like toward the playoffs. He was actually looking at another player, John Davis, and I caught his eye."

What did the coaches say that they liked about you?
"They like my speed. I have jumping ability and good hand-eye coordination. Coach Hallman kept talking about that. Coach Hallman said that I have a lot of good footwork. He also likes my height and growth potential."

Has it been exciting being recruited by two SEC schools?
"Oh yeah, it has been great. It has been mind blowing at times. I was planning on going to a junior college at first."

Did you realize you were this good?
"I knew that I had talent but I didn't think that anybody would come. I caught a couple of people from behind and all of a sudden I started getting attention."

Have you played cornerback all of your football career?
"That has always been my position going back to Pee Wee football."

Did you go to many college camps during the past few summers?
"I went to the Steve McNair Camp. I really didn't go to many because during the summertime I had to work to help my family out."

That's probably part of the reason why not many colleges knew about you. Do you have any other visits left?
"No, these are the only two that I'm really considering."

How do the two schools, Ole Miss and Mississippi State, rank in your mind?
"They are both top notch schools. State is friendly all the way around. I saw more people there because it wasn't a holiday when I went on the visit. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday when I went on my visit (to Ole Miss) on the 17th. I didn't get to see as many people but the campus life was good."

It sounds like they are pretty much even right now?
"They are pretty much even. I'm trying to keep an open mind until I get more information on them."

That should do it, Artez. I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.

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