"The Toughest Loss I've Ever Had To Swallow"

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: "Everybody was just fighting over there, that's SEC football. Everybody was fighting and working hard. I guess you could say they got the job done, they out-fought us."

Q: What made this LSU game more successful for you? "I just went out there and tried to do my job the best. I felt last year I ran the ball good against them, I just needed more opportunities. This year I was definitely thinking, we're at home so we can win this game. I ran the ball hard and the coaches gave me opportunities."

Q: Tyson called this his toughest loss, do you echo that? "Oh, yeah. Number one. This is the toughest loss I've ever had to swallow, right here."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: How tough were the last few plays being just inches away? "Oh, very tough. You fight for months, since January, this is what it's all about. It comes down to a game of inches."

"It's the toughest loss I've ever had to experience, to play so hard and play such a good game. But for all the guys on the team putting so much effort for four quarters, I guess 59 minutes…that last minute we weren't able to get in there."

Q: Coach said on third down it was a jump-pass, what did you see? "The guy made a great play. I thought we almost executed it right but it wasn't fully. (Marcus) Green did a great job getting in the end zone and I have to make a better throw and make the play."

Q: Did you see the safety? "Yeah, I saw him as soon as I came up. I thought I could get the ball to Green, I should have put more air on it but I didn't. So he batted it down."

Q: What did you read on the fourth down option play? "I just felt they were getting a little pressure upfield, so I tried to get inside and didn't do that. A poor read on my part, and just didn't make the play. It's a game of inches and I wasn't able to get the six inches we needed unfortunately. A great play by the defense but poor execution on my part. Poor execution."

"We have our read-keys and I just felt they were getting pressure up the field, it was just kind of a split-second read. You don't have much time to think about it. I should have taken it outside and pitched it. But you do what you're coached to do and execute and you can make the plays."

Q: What happened on the early interceptions? "I should have thrown a better ball. The first one I threw it behind (Christian) Ducre; the second one we knew we had the guy beat if I just make the throw. Both of them had the routes, as a quarterback I have to throw a catchable ball and I didn't."

Q: You played more series this game, did it let you get more comfortable? "I wouldn't say anything as far as being more comfortable, less comfortable. I thought that offensively we started moving the ball and I had somewhat of a rhythm and some motivation going down on a few drives. Maybe that was me being in longer than usual. But I couldn't say that was the reason for it."

Q: Talk about Anthony Dixon's day? "Unbelievable effort. But you have to understand, the offensive line had a hand in him gaining what he had. But Dixon, Ducre, and Arnil (Stallworth) all played 100% today and I hurt for them. I hurt more because we lost and because I disappointed them than anything."

CENTER J.C. BRIGNONE: "A loss is a loss to me, I can't stand it. It hurts either way. But I've got to bounce back and lead my team and help them realize we've got another eight games to go and we're still going for a bowl game."

Q: What is the locker room mood like? "Everybody's upset. It's a bad thing to lose so everybody is mad, wondering about what they didn't do to make that game. I know that was the first thing that went in my head, what didn't I do to help us win?"

Q: Do you sense other defenses are more motivated to jump and block passes because of Tyson's height? "I think so. If they don't know Tyson is 5-11 then they've got a problem. But one thing is, we were trying to pound the ball and pound the ball and get them in the situation we wanted, when they were kind of sitting back on their heels and not looking. And as soon as we started throwing the ball they started dropping back and trying to bat balls down."

Q: What was the huddle like at the goal line? "Everybody was fired-up and ready to go, we were shoving the ball and you could look in everybody's eyes and know we were going to win. I mean everybody had that feeling. That's the thing that you practice every Thursday, that last drive; you have to finish off the game no matter if it's six inches or if we're on the 50-yard line just like we started. You've got to drive the ball."

Q: You and Coach say there's nothing good about losing. But what can you take from this and apply to those next eight games? "We've got to go and we've got to learn. Learn what we did wrong and what we didn't do right, that's the biggest things. It's tough no matter what, and I hate saying this but you've got to learn from it."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY Q: What made the defense effective against LSU's running game? "We did a good job of gameplanning. Coach Torbush and the staff did a good job helping us recognize the formations and helping us recognize what they were trying to do to us. And it paid off in the game."

Q: What were they trying to do? "Basically they would run the ball and play-action pass, sending two, three men and max-protecting pretty much the whole game. Everything they did, they didn't show nothing new. Everything they did we'd practiced."

Q: After getting down nine points you needed a stop and got it? "We just talked about not letting them move the ball. I mean if they had scored again the game would have been pretty much out of reach. But we dug deep and went out there and played hard trying to not let them get on the scoreboard again."

Q: Jefferson threw a lot of passes but you banged him around? "We tried to show them some different stuff than we did against Vanderbilt. I mean it was working, but he did a good job of standing in there and completing tough passes."

Q: As a senior what do you tell the younger guys? "Just keep fighting. This is a tough one, if you want to win these games at Mississippi State you just can't get complacent. It ain't nothing good comes out of losing, that's in the past. It hurts to lose, it doesn't matter if you lose by one or by fifty it's a loss and you have to go back next week and try to get a win."

STRONG SAFETY CHARLES MITCHELL: "We never gave up. We believed we were going to win the game, we came in and felt like we were going to win. At halftime, the whole game, we felt like we were going to win. But things didn't go our way. That's part of football."

Q: What made Jefferson so effective finding people open? "Coverages. We just didn't stick to our man good."

Q: Did the wet surface cause any problems? "The field wasn't a factor, no."

Q: Was blitzing the best way of forcing pressure this game? "Yes, we felt like we pressured him pretty good. He threw us a couple of passes, some were bobbled up and we missed some, we could have made a lot of big plays. A lot of things didn't go our way."

Q: Did you imagine holding LSU to 30 rushing yards? "No, we worked hard after the Auburn game and focused real hard on the run. The guys up front did a great job stopping the run, we just gave up some big passes in the secondary."

TIGHT END MARCUS GREEN: Q: We saw a lot more things from the offense today, sets and plays? "Oh, yeah, it's something we've been waiting to pull out. We did what we did, but it's time to grow back to the drawing board."

Q: Can you still see that pass off Tyson's hand? "Yeah, I can still see it! It didn't cross my mind (about) the safety, I thought he had bit on the run and so I could just see myself in the back of the end zone. I had already pictured myself catching it. When we called the play I already saw myself catching it!"

"Then we came back with the fourth play and I just knew we had it then. It's hard to explain."

Q: Can you describe the emotions of those four downs? "It was adrenalin pumping, I mean. Obviously we didn't come through like we were supposed to."

Q: What allowed you to get good matchups and get open? "They were playing a lot of man so my objective if they had a linebacker on me was come open."

Q: What do you say getting ready for another tough game next week? "You've just got to hold on to the rope a little tighter. Like Coach said, we win together, we die together, all positions. We didn't come through like we wanted to but we still got to hold tight."

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