"We've Got To Work On The Winning Part Now"

WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: Q: What made you so effective tonight? "Just the gameplan and what they were doing on defense. They told us if we wanted to have a chance the receivers were going to have to play big tonight. I think we did pretty good."

Q: How did the touchdown play develop, and were you the intended receiver? "Coach just put us in the right position. We ran the corner-route so much that they started to jump it, and once I broke to the middle of the field nobody was there. I looked back and I can't see Tyson, because he's hiding behind the line. I just saw the ball come out." Q: You played more tonight than in previous games? "Well, Leon (Berry) was playing a lot of ‘X' tonight so me and Brandon Heavens were playing ‘H', just switching out. So I got a pretty good bit."

Q: Are you getting more confident out there? "I feel a lot better. I've got a lot more confidence playing now, I feel a lot better."

Q: What was the problem earlier in the year? "I was making mistakes, and I just had to give the coaches confidence to put me in the game. It just took a lot in practice showing that I could play, and I felt I had a good week of practice."

Q: The touchdown run, how often do you practice that? "We've been practicing them since two-a-days, we just never used it. I was excited because I tell them all the time that I'm ready to run it!"

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: "We can't put it on the offense because they fumbled the ball, we didn't play good either. It goes both ways on that."

Q: Last year Tech made lots of long runs, tonight the defense didn't give those up? "They didn't break the big run, but they were getting five, six. And if you pick up five and then six that's a first down. And they had a lot of first downs. We needed to turn some of those five or six yards into two and one and three yard gains and we couldn't do that. Georgia Tech did a pretty good job of executing what they wanted to do against us."

Q: How is the morale in the locker room? "Of course the morale is down because you hate to lose. I mean, this is back-to-back losses. And we have to get it together and come out here ready to play against Houston. We don't go out there just to play close or play a good game, we go out there to win the game and that's what we're going to do next week. Forget about this loss, the last two, and try to get back on a winning streak around here."

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: "It's very frustrating. It stinks to perform like that, when your team depends on you so much, you're definitely one of the leaders and it's up to you to make a lot of things. it's tough, it stinks to perform like that."

Q: What happened on the fumbles? "The first one I tried to go left and open it up, I started running a little faster and started swinging it a little bit. And one of them caught me from the back. The second, I was going into the hole and made a cut, my arm dropped a little bit. I should have had two hands on it but my arm dropped a little bit, a hand got in there and got it. I've just got to squeeze tighter, two hands on the ball, go back to the basics."

Q: Do you guys practice that? "Yeah, we practice that all the time, it's one of Coach (Greg) Knox's pet peeves; high and tight, eagle-claw, we practice that every day. For some reason I didn't bring it to the field today. It just stinks."

Q: It had been so long since you fumbled (2007 Egg Bowl) were you surprised it happened? "Yeah, I was shocked, you know. Because I take pride in me, that's one of the things I practice every day. I try to play it over in my head before every play, hold on to the ball, go over the basics before every play. For some reason this week I didn't have it. It definitely stinks to perform that way, like I said, when your teammates depend on you so much to do big things. It just stinks."

Q: What made the option play so effective this game? "I guess because we run the ball hard and I think we beat men one-on-one today. It's just a reflection of how hard we worked, we practiced on keeping our pads low and making the cuts, making the right reads. That's all it was, we made the right reads and ran hard. We fought and really wanted to win, it just didn't come out our way."

Q: Was it more frustrating knowing how their offense would keep the ball? "It definitely was. Because I wanted to do what they were doing; kill the clock, control the game on the ground, make it easier for Tyson and all the guys around me. I just didn't get it done today."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: The effort was there, was it just a matter of execution? "Totally execution. I turned the ball over way too many times, put our defense in bad situations. We moved the ball well when we didn't turn it over, but we turned the ball over way too many times tonight."

Q: What happened on your fumbles? "Just terrible ball-handling by me. You work on it every day, every day, every day, simple things, and it just hurt us tonight."

Q: When you kept the ball, you moved it? "Exactly right. The first half, the second half, the whole game, we only hurt ourselves. When we didn't turn the ball over we executed in the passing game, the running game. Whenever we fumbled the ball like we did, like I did tonight, you just can't do that."

Q: What was making the running game effective? "I think we just had a good gameplan for them, kind of mixing things up, from different looks. I don't think they were ready for that. It was just simple execution, we didn't do that tonight. On my part I have to make the right reads and not put my team in bad situations."

Q: Were you looking to Chad Bumphis more tonight? "Yeah, Bumphis is doing a really good job. He came in and worked hard since he's been here, he's a playmaker. In this offense any time you can get the ball in your playmakers' hands that what you want to do and he's been doing a great job with that."

Q: Was the fourth-quarter touchdown pass meant for him because another receiver was in the ball's path? "Yeah, that's what somebody else was asking me! It was meant for him, it didn't look like it to some people I guess. I wish we could have had a few more though!"

Q: You have another tough game to get ready for, what is the attitude for this week? "Just bounce back. Football is all about the next game. If we could have won tonight, but we lost; we have to get our heads up, stay together as a team most of all. And really offensively just execute, hold on to the football and execute. If we do that we'll be fine."

RECEIVER/RETURN SPECIALIST LEON BERRY: Q: That was the return chance you had been waiting for? "Yeah, Coach had told me before the game this is your game, you're going to get one, you're going to run one back. After the first one Damien Anderson ran, I told him he saw the hole but got tackled by the kicker. I told Coach if it was me I wouldn't have got tackled. He ended up kicking to me, our front line blocked well, I hit the seam and was off to the races."

Q: Talk about the back-and-forth nature of this game? "Georgia Tech has a really good offense. Our defense came out and played, they gave great effort. Defending that triple option, I know that's hard because we ran it in high school. As an offense we have to work on ball security more because we had a lot of fumbles for turnovers. That's something we're going to work on hard this week."

Q: Is this offense reaching a real high level? "I think so. Three or four fumbles for that game, I mean…obviously if we wouldn't have turned it over we'd probably won the game. So it hurt us real bad, because it put our defense in a bad position."

"That's something Coach Mullen preaches on every day, just come out give great effort. Relentless effort as he calls it. We do that every game so. He said we've done built a team, and we give great effort every game. We've got to work on the winning part now."

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