Mullen: "That Falls On My Shoulders"

"I think you give them a lot of credit. We were out-coached today, they did a great job. And I'm really disappointed with our defensive coaching staff. Obviously you give up 266 yards passing and another 200 running, you didn't do a whole lot defensively. I'm really disappointed with our staff and the situation they put our players in and the lack of adjustments we made."

"For us, they made a bunch of plays. I don't think I've ever been involved in a game where we don't punt and then lose the game. But then again when you turn the ball over four times you have no chance of winning. That's something to me, turnovers, that we preach. And obviously I'm doing a really poor job as a head coach in that. We've turned the ball over eight times in two weeks, that's coaching. That falls on my shoulders and we'll get that fixed."

"Our kids battled, I'm proud of them. They continue to battle and continue to fight and they deserve a coaching staff that is going to put them in a position to make sure that they win. And we're going to do that this week."

Q: With preaching ball control, how can you explain the fumbles? "It's just a poor job by us of not emphasizing it during practice. Not making sure we're stripping the guys enough during practice as they're running plays, as we're executing and doing things. Even in walk-throughs we're doing a poor job of not making sure that ball-control is taken care of on every play."

Q: The big plays Georgia Tech made, what do you address in that area? "One, we have to make sure we have kids in position to make some plays. And I think as a coaching staff, they had some guys wide-open, we lost contain, gave them extra time with our pass rush. We have to make sure we're coaching those guys and every gap is filled so their quarterback can't just stand there all day and wait until finally someone comes open. We have to do a better job making sure our guys are in their lanes and we get a little bit of pressure and force him to make those throws and not let him stand around and have all day to throw it."

Q: The guy you've been able to rely on, Anthony Dixon, had two fumbles tonight? "Anthony is a senior, he'll battle back from that, and we're going to coach that hard this week. Not that we don't every week and obviously I haven't done a good enough job of coaching it hard enough. So we're going to get after that. Anthony is going to come back and respond, he's done everything we've asked him to do since I've been here so I have no doubt Anthony is going to practice really hard this week and respond to that."

Q: Dixon only had two carries in the second half, what led to going away from the ground game? "He got dinged-up a little bit in the second half. And we were behind most of the time, so we had to do some thing throwing the ball. When we did that, having to spread the ball around, he didn't get many touches in the second half. Because we were kidn of forced into having to make big play after big play down the field. When he got dinged-up a little bit we thought the other guys might actually give us a little more juice to make a big play than he would."

Q: Barring turnovers was that enough production to win the game? "Our guys, besides the turnovers, did a decent job of executing. Chad Bumphis made a couple of good plays. Was it good enough offensively, no. We needed 12 more points. If we have 12 more points it would have been good enough offensively. A good offensive performance is when we score one more than the opponent. Besides that there's no such thing as a good offensive performance."

Q: What are your thoughts on Houston next week? "Well, I mean it's a totally different universe altogether for us right now, to go from an option team that beat us with throwing deep on some play actions to a team that's just going to throw it every single down. So we have to get a great plan, we have to change gears completely as a coaching staff to make sure we have a great plan ready for them for next week."

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