Noxubee County High School quarterback Omarr "Big O" Conner talked to Gene's Page about his commitment to Mississippi State."> Noxubee County High School quarterback Omarr "Big O" Conner talked to Gene's Page about his commitment to Mississippi State.">

Omarr Conner Talks About His Commitment to MSU

<img src="" align="left" width="124" height="160"> Noxubee County High School quarterback Omarr "Big O" Conner talked to Gene's Page about his commitment to Mississippi State.

Omarr, talk about the reasons you chose Mississippi State over the other colleges that you were considering?
"I chose Mississippi State because it is close to home and my family and I have a great bond. They have been there for me through thick and thin no matter what the situation was. My mom has always been in the crowd through high school and junior high. I didn't want to go too far because I wanted her to see me play."

"And (Mississippi State) has a great coaching staff. Coach (Jackie) Sherrill and I have built a great one-on-one relationship. He did most of the recruiting on me. Coming from the head coach, I really liked that. Plus, when he hired his new offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, the first thing they did was come and talk to us. I thought that was a warm welcome."

I know you officially visited Mississippi State. What other schools did you actually visit?
"I visited West Virginia and Ole Miss."

What other schools tried to get you to come on an official visit?
"The University of Florida, Nebraska, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Southern Miss, Indiana, Marshall, Tennessee, was just like every school."

Who were the other final schools that you considered?
"Ole Miss and West Virginia."

Who came in second?
"Really, West Virginia and Ole Miss were kind of together. They were both good schools and I liked both of them."

What made you pick State over those two?
"Like I said, it is close to home and I like Coach Sherrill. He is an upfront man and I just want to give him what I gave Coach (M.C.) Miller, a 110%; give him everything that I have. I know he has coached some great players in his time."

What was it about Coach Sherrill? There were some other great coaches recruiting you such as Coach Cutcliffe at Ole Miss.
"Coach Cutcliffe was a great coach, too, but Coach Sherrill he was upfront with me, more than coaching me he was mentoring me. He was also my friend, like a one-on-one person. I could talk to Coach Sherrill about anything. Coach Sherrill never came to me and put pressure on me. Ole Miss didn't do that either, but (Coach Sherrill) never tried to make me choose my school. He waited on my decision. We built a trust and I felt comfortable with him."

The last time we talked you mentioned that you had made up your mind but you didn't want to say at that time which school it was. Since it must have been State, when did you actually decide State was the school for you?
"When I took my visit, that was really what made me more sure about State."

Ole Miss was your next visit. Did that visit cause you to re-think what you were thinking about State?
"It was good, but I just liked State and they won the battle."

So, both schools were great, but it really sounds like you have formed a very strong bond with Coach Sherrill?
"A great relationship."

Coach Sherrill won't actually be your position coach, so what do you think about Coach Watts who will be your position coach?
"I love Coach Watts. Ever since Coach Watts was hired, I have been his man. He has always told me that he wants to coach me."

What does Coach Watts say that he likes about you?
"He liked that I'm mobile and a great leader. And he likes me as a person and what I bring to the table."

Why did you and Joey decide to commit today and not wait until signing day?
"We chose today because it was in our hearts and we felt like the time was now. There was no need in holding back. I just wanted everybody to know that I wanted to be a Bulldog."

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me, Omarr.
"Yes sir."

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