"It's Really A Simple Game"

"Once again our kids battled, they played for four quarters. We've got to take that final step and push it over the top. It's real simple, it's really a simple game."

"You've got to play great defense. Obviously, you give up over 500 yards it's not good defense, you're not going to win the game. You've got to win the turnover battle, we turned it over four times, three in our red zone, you're not going to win the game. And when you get down in the red zone you've got to come away with touchdowns. We were down there a bunch and came away with minimal points." "I think our kids battled throughout the course of the game and did some good things. we just didn't do enough for us to win and in key moments made critical mistakes. We have to get that fixed as move forward, and when we do get that fixed we're going to find a team that we're going to build a program here and we're going to win."

Q: Is there a feeling that you gave away one? "Yeah, I don't know that we gave it away. I mean they did a nice job, they had 550 yards of offense, they won the football game. They created four turnovers. They won the game. For our kids, we need that final step to push ourselves over the top to have a great team."

Q: What did you tell your team in the locker room? "That they're close. That we're in the course of building a program. That's what we came here, to build a championship program. That starts with guys that are going to play with great effort and are going to fight for four quarters. We have those things done, now we have to take the next step and learn how to win football games."

Q: Was there any thought of challenging the call of Tyson Lee being over the line? "I asked the official, he said they look at that up in the box and they're supposed to review every play. They pay me to coach, not to officiate. They have a guy in the box that that's his job and I trust that he's going to do his job to the best of his ability just like you or everybody does. I asked him, the guy right there on the sideline; he said he thought he was a good yard over the line of scrimmage. That's what he said to me. I said is that close, he said no, Coach, it wasn't even close, he's a yard over the line of scrimmage. At that point I wasn't in position to see exactly where he was, I was trying to see from behind where their defensive front was, to see whether he was or not…(shrugs)."

Q: Did you see the holding call against Arnil Stallworth? "Arnil cut the guy, I don't know. I guess Georgia Tech's not in Conference USA, is what I can say. It looked like a good cut to me, I don't know. It was an option play, a yard to cut the kid, I didn't have the angle so he must have grabbed ahold of him or done something. Again, people have jobs to do, that's not of my jobs."

Q: What was causing the fumbles with Tyson on handoffs? "He's just got to do a better job holding on to the football. When he makes a decision, be confident with the decision-making. It's really not that hard, either he keeps the ball or he hands it to somebody else. It's a pretty simple deal, we're going to keep repping it more and more and more in practice and hopefully we continue to see more improvement."

Q: How did you want to attack their offense? "We moved some guys around and did some things. One of the things we wanted to do was confuse their quarterback. He did a nice job, a really good job of getting the ball out of his hands quick which is what we wanted. And our plan was to get the ball out of his hands quick and make plays and wrap-up. As a whole I don't have a number but we missed too many tackles today, that's part of playing great defense is the first guy that gets to the ball wrap-up and don't give up any extra yards after the catch. When we go look at this and get the actual stats I'm going to be the majority of their yards were after the catch. That was one thing we didn't want to give up."

Q: Is Chris Relf available next week? "I'm not answering any questions on Chris Relf."

Q: Was the mix of run and pass in the first three periods what you had planned? "Look at it now, obviously I'd like to be even more balanced. But one way or the other, I'm going to definitely weigh on running the football if we can run the ball for 330 a game. A little more out of the passing attack would have been good for us, but know what? We were doing a good job running the ball and didn't feel a need to. We punted twice today, so we were moving the ball on offense. You just have to finish off drives with touchdowns, not turnovers."

"We'll work on it, we'll talk about it, we've talked about it day-one since I've been here, every single practice since I've been here: taking care of the football is how you win. What I'm doing obviously is not working with our team, and I have to change something. Because it's just way too many turnovers."

Q: Talk about Johnathan Banks in his first start, and what is Zach Smith's status? "Zach is day-to-day, so we'll see. John, I think he did a pretty good job. He got out of position once or twice but as a true freshman that three weeks ago was playing true corner, we move him to safety, I thought he did a pretty admirable job back there. It was a lot for a young guy but I think John has an extremely bright future as a defensive back. With his ability he could play corner, play safety, do a lot of different things with his size and range."

Q: What happened on the long run after the pass on Houston's last touchdown drive? "They had a big pass play, they hit it. We just didn't tackle. He threw it behind the line of scrimmage. Part of our plan was to get the ball out of his hand quick, we were able to do that. I know they're a short-passing team, but don't get beat with the big play; rally-up and attack the football. We missed tackles, it resulted in a big play, from there they had another big play right on top."

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