"We Needed A Win Bad"

Q: How does it feel to get back on the winning track? "It's great. I mean, in today's world it's really hard to win a Division I football game, this is a team that coming in here was playing some really good football and had a big win over Maryland, a stingy defense. They were planning for a big day, the first a SEC school came into their place."

"They did a great job, they played some great defense on us today and did a great job slowing us down offensively. Our defense just made a bunch of big plays, play after play."

Q: Did you acknowledge the rushing record with Anthony Dixon? "I did, I gave him a hug after that long touchdown. I said I don't know if you had it but I figured you got it on that play so it was a hell of a play to get it, congratulations. And then told him to hold to make sure he hung on to the ball the rest of the game!"

Q: What was the play he broke the record on? "It was just a triple-option play, we gave the dive-play on the triple-option and he took it to the house."

Q: You changed around the secondary with some young players and they produced? "They did. And the two new starters, all our guys are kind of new starters! Game to game there is a lot of inexperience back in the secondary for us. You know what, those kids did a great job, they put in a lot of time this week and our defensive coaches I thought did a good job of coaching them up, putting the in position to make some plays. Some of the big pass plays they had early in the game, we had guys there, they just didn't make the plays in the first half. In the second half they made each one of those plays. That's what happens when young guys start to grow up."

Q: The defense made two stops in the red zone to hold them to field goals? "You follow our plan to win. To play great defense; they stopped the run game today, they did a really good job of that. Win the turnover ratio; our defense made sure we did that today. And when in the red zone scoring; offensively I don't think we executed at a high level, we need to punch it in when we get down there."

"But the defense, man, they did it. And those are big momentum-swings for us, that's eight-point swings there twice holding them to field goals."

Q: And talking about turnovers, your offense didn't lose the ball today? "Yeah, and we won. Imagine that! I'd love to say we do a really amazing job coming up with a lot of great gameplans and let our defense go do a good job. But you know what, if you play great defense, if you can take care of the football, you're going to have a chance to win a lot of football games. And we can take a lot from that."

Q: With the way your team lost the last three games, did you sense the need for a confidence boost? "Yeah, I mean it does. We did, we needed a win bad. We needed a win bad. Like I told our guys, when , you're building that program, they're giving what we've asked of them. They're giving the effort, giving fight, the toughness, playing for four quarters, all that stuff. What they needed is a win to take that next step. This today was a big win for us and hopefully launches us into a great second half of our season."

Q: Tyson Lee was 14-of-20 passing with no turnovers, was that the efficiency you wanted today? "Yeah. I think we got sloppy in the second half, with some penalties and some bad plays here and there. But you know what, I talked to Tyson about that. The quarterback's job to manage the game, he doesn't have to make every play. When the play is there to be made sometimes he has to make it, other times he has to manage the game. He did a nice job of that today."

Q: Carl Torbush was on the sideline today? "We made that change, we just felt with so many young guys playing on defense I wanted him down on the sidelines in the middle of all of them. I just wanted to make sure with our defense we were getting every call fast that we needed and were getting really well-coached between series at every position. I think we're going to stick with that next week."

Q: Is the Chris Relf situation still ongoing? "Yeah, that's the same as it always is for us. I have a good idea of what's happening but we don't share that information."

DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR CARL TORBUSH: Q: How did you like it downstairs? "Well, I had never been downstairs until about half-way through Alabama. There's a lot of things you do downstairs, there's also a lot of things you can do upstairs. I think at this point it was probably needed; now did that make any difference in the ball game, absolutely not. But as far as being able to see their eyes and talk to the linebackers, make some corrections that you have to get on the headset to do upstairs, that was a difference. Coach Mullen just feels its important for me to be down there right now so that's what we're doing."

Q: Does it give a different feel for the game? "That's a hard question to answer. I think the toughest thing is you can't see down-and-distance so you have to rely on somebody else immediately. You can't see personnel coming in-and-out of the game. I think the biggest plus is it gives you a chance to intermingle with the players and they see you when you're happy, they see you when you're not very happy! But the biggest thing is getting them together and talking to them as a group instead of getting somebody else to talk to them."

Q: Opening in a nickel-package, was that allowing for different quarterbacks? "Well, we heard that (Dwight Dasher) was going to be suspended for a quarter. But we didn't prepare any differently, it wasn't like we did anything different the first quarter. I just felt when Dasher came in we better be more aware of his running ability because he is a good runner."

Q: How did the secondary play? "They did very well. You think about all the youth, we had a lot of young puppies back there now! And two of them had interceptions. I didn't realize Banks had two and Broomfield two, that's great! The good thing about is they're back for a long, long time so they'll get better. The thing I like about Corey is he's wormy, so he needs to get bigger, but he's got what I call a quarterback mentality. He can absolutely forget about the previous play when Coach gets on his tail, he takes it, forgets about it, and will come back joking with you the next play. I think he's got a chance to be a really good player, and so do the rest of them. It was just a game they were able to make some plays."

Q: After they changed quarterbacks and made some drives, you were able to hold them to field goals twice? "Yeah, that was important, especially after they got down about the one-yard line and made them kick. I think they'd have went for it if they had got any more yards before that. That's a coaching decision totally, they had points on the board, but I was glad to see our kids keep them out of there because that was a big at that point."

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