Bulldog Player Post-Game Interviews

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: Did you know on the long touchdown you had set the record? "I didn't really think about it. The only thing that was on my mind was I can't let them get the ball from me, I've got to make sure I hold on to the ball and try not get in swinging-mode because I knew they were there. So that was my main focus, staying on the little things."

Q: When did the record first cross your mind? "Uhhh, probably the first day I stepped on campus, you know? Because I wanted to be the best, no doubt. I said if I was going to do the thing might as well do it big! I want to chase the best, I didn't want to settle for less, didn't want to cheat myself. I set my goals high and it's a dream come true."

Q: When today did the record come to your mind, Coach said he said something when you came off the field? "Yeah. Coach Mullen hollered at me when I was coming to the sideline. I couldn't do nothing but grin, you know, because it's been a grind, man. I've definitely took my fair share licks, so it's a dream come true."

Q: How did landing on your feet after the touchdown leap feel? "It felt good, because that turf was hard out there today! And it was cold. So I was glad to land on my feet, I've got burns all up my arms from that turf today and I was glad not to fall on at least one play."

Q: You have five consecutive 100-yard weeks, what's been working so well? "It's just the fact I've been working and practicing, me and Coach Knox and Coach Hevesy, they're great coaches and definitely been helping me up my game. Coach Balis helped me up me myself, period, with the weightlifting and the way they push us this year. So I really feel I'm on another level, a lot of it thanks to them. And a lot of it me just wanting to be the best, personally. I think I made up my mind to just go after the top guys."

Q: Tyson Lee told us to talk to you, not him about your records?! "Oh, man, I can't go without talking about Tyson, man, because really and truly I learn a lot from that dude as far as just composure and the way he carries himself. I tell him all the time I'm thankful for that because he really holds it down and helps me."

Q: With Florida coming up, after the last three losses, what does this win mean? "It was definitely a confidence-booster, because we really needed this after coming up short the last three games. And with us trying to get to a bowl game this year, we're in fight mode; clawing and scratching for wins. Our mentality didn't change for the game but worry about the little details, hold on to the ball. I think we did that good today."

CORNERBACK COREY BROOMFIELD: Q: What did you feel about the faith Coach showed in giving you the starting job today? "I go hard every day in practice, Coach felt like he could trust me. So I did my job."

Q: Had you been practicing with the first team this week? "Yes, because Wade Bonner went down on Sunday so we had to move Marcus Washington to the nickel; and they put me in that corner. I listened to Coach Smith and Coach Mullen and all the older guys and I just did my job."

Q: Go through your two interceptions? "The first one, the corner route, we'd been going over that one all week because we were trying to work on our zone. Coach (Dan) Mullen came over and helped us out a little bit, he wanted us to focus more on looking at the quarterback instead of eyeing the receiver. And he just led me right to it and I made a play!"

Q: How big was that coming after the pass interference call? "It was real big, a big confidence booster. I wasn't down but it's nothing like showing your teammates you're ready to go the next play."

Q: What was the second interception? "It looked like he just threw it right to me! I mean, I was in position, I don't know if he got pressured or anything but it looked like it came right to me so I guess that was the d-linemen on that one."

Q: How did it help having Coach Torbush on the sideline? "It helped a lot, he kept everybody calm and composed. He could see everything, it wasn't any miscommunication. He knew exactly what he wanted, he got it out there on the field."

Q: Did you plan on starting out in the nickel regardless? "We knew going in we weren't going with four d-linemen and three linebackers; every time we were going to be out there in nickel or dime."

Q: Could you imagine a first start going like this for you? "Uhhhh, yeah! Yes I did!"

"That's what I hope, if it happens like that next week it's even better! Going against my home state school, put on a show for all my friends back home."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: Q: The defense was able to control Middle Tennessee's running to just 43 yards? "That's what we planned coming into the game to do. Of course #9 (Dwight Dasher) didn't play in the first quarter, but they were looking real good on film and played some good teams like Clemson and Maryland and ran the ball on them. So for us to come here and do what we did was a pretty good accomplishment."

Q: What was key in making the goal-line stand in the second quarter? "I mean, they got down there by throwing the ball when we didn't get in our lanes. So we knew when they got down there they were pretty much going to try to run it in with their quarterback. So we were really keying on him the whole time, that's what Coach Torbush told us when we went out there."

Q: You forced a lot of negative plays and got some interceptions, what kind of boost is that? "I think it gives us confidence as a defense, especially our secondary. People like Corey Broomfield, Johnathan Banks, others, going into the game this week it gives them a lot of confidence.'

Q: Did you change anything when Middle Tennessee changed quarterbacks? "Not really, we were playing pretty much the same defense. We knew when #10 (Brent Burnette) was in there he's a passer, #9 can run the ball but is a pretty good passer, too. Most of the time when they moved the ball he was passing the ball, instead of running it."

Q: After the last three games how big was it just getting a win? "I mean, it's real big. Like you said it was a three-game losing streak, it didn't matter if you win by one or half-a-point, just get that W is all we were looking for."

Q: Did you notice a change in the locker room already? "Yeah. We were playing hard even in the three losses, you can see it on film. We just weren't executing, and we talked about how we hadn't played the whole 60 minutes doing the right thing."

"I think we're improving every weekend, we're looking to going out there and playing against Florida this weekend."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: Was an day like this what you wanted? "We didn't turn the ball over, that's the number-one thing we didn't do today and that's the first-and-foremost thing. We didn't turn the football over today."

Q: Was that a relief? "I would say a relief. But at the same time it's what we're supposed to do. We executed at times, we didn't finish drives once again early in the game, we had the ball on their side of the field and didn't move the ball. But we didn't turn the ball over and we ran the ball well, I think that was the biggest thing today."

Q: How important was it to get a lead and play from ahead? "Oh, definitely. The defense played outstanding, they created four turnovers I believe, and they did an unbelievable job of holding them up. And once again we didn't do what we should have done earlier but we were able to do it late in the game and put some points on the board. But getting a lead, I think it allowed the defense to do a little bit more as well."

Q: Did it get sloppy at times in the second half? "Yeah, I would definitely say so. We didn't execute like we should have, I think sloppy is a good. But Anthony continued to run the ball well, we were able to establish some drives. And Arnil Stallworth made a big play in the game to help us out."

Q: You were able to make some plays with your feet, too? "You know, any time you can keep the defense on its heels, dropping back for the pass and then me out running keeps the defense honest. And when they did stay in the box we were able to throw it and make some plays."

Q: Was your touchdown called or a read? "It was a read play, once again they took Anthony and I was able to pull it and get in the end zone.

Q: On your touchdown were you again untouched? "I think I was, I think I was untouched again. So maybe we can keep doing that, it'd be alright! Anthony broke the school record today, I'm so proud of him. But when you have a guy that runs the ball so hard consistently, it opens up things a lot and that's he did today."

Q: We you aware where he was and needed to get to at the time? "I had no idea, Mr. Byrne told us in there, I'm so happy for him. Let him tell you more about than me, alright!"

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