MSU Scrimmage Player Facts

Mississippi State baseball has played 7 scrimmages so far this fall. Here are a few interesting hitting and pitching facts about a few of the players.

Junior college outfielder transfer Trey Johnson

  • He has had three-ball counts 11 times. When I say three-ball counts, I'm referring to him having a count with three balls and the strike count ranging from 0 to 2. Each time he has reached base, 3 on hits and 8 times on walks. In other works, no pitcher has been able to get him out if Brent has a three-ball count on him.
  • Part of the reason behind that fact is due to how well he has been at working the count until he either walked or got a hit. In 6 of the 11 three-ball count at-bats he has fouled off between 1 and 2 strikes after he had three balls on him before either walking or getting a hit.
  • He has had two-strike counts (ball count varied on each) on him 16 times. And he reached base an amazing 13 times - 6 on hits, 5 on walks, 1 by being hit by the pitch and 1 time on an error. The three outs were two called strike outs and a grounder to the shortstop.
  • He has had two-strike pitcher counts (1-2, 0-2, 2-2) 8 times. And he's reached base 5 of those time - 3 hits, 1 walk, 1 error.
  • As for his 8 base hits that he has this fall, it doesn't matter what the count is, he can hit either a pitcher's count or a hitter's count.. 3 of his hits were on 1-2 or 0-2 counts. 3 were on 3-2 counts. And 2 were on 1-0 counts.
  • As for pitchers that he has hit against, he has faced Whitney, Routt, Lane, Houston, Collins, Dixon, Girodo, Miller, Pace, Bracewell, Watson and Hartzog.

    Sophomore outfielder Brent Brownlee

  • While Trey Johnson is big on working the count, Brent is the complete opposite. Of his 21 at-bats, he has not had a single three-ball count. And he's only had a two-ball count 8 times.
  • Of his 21 at-bats, he has had 0-0, 1-0 or 0-1 counts 9 times. Of those 9, he has reached base 7 times - 4 hits, 3 hit by pitches. So, while he doesn't work the count, he has the knack for reaching base one way or the other early in the count.
  • When he has a hitter's count (1-0, 2-0, 2-1), he takes advantage of it. He's had that type count 8 times and has reached base 7 of those times - 4 hits, 2 hit by pitches and 1 error.
  • As for as a pitcher's count (0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2), he's had mixed results with that type count, going 3-for-10 officially and reaching base 4 of the 10 times - 3 hits, 1 error.
  • His 8 hits have come on counts of 0-0 one time, 1-0 three times, 2-0 one time, 1-2 one time, and 2-2 two times.
  • While Brent hasn't hit righthanded hitters extremely well (3-for-11 officially, .273 BA), he has pounded the lefties (5-for-7, .714 BA) this fall. While his batting average against righties isn't that great, his on-base percentage is pretty good, .429, due to him being hit three times by pitches. He's also been on an additional 2 times against righties by errors. So, of his 14 at-bats against righthanders, he's gotten on base a total of 8 times.

    Senior first baseman Connor Powers

  • Connor has been great at working the count during the seven scrimmages. Of his 24 at-bats, he has worked the count to a three-ball count 12 times.
  • And when he has a three-ball count on him, he has been very effective getting on base, reaching base 9 of the 12 times - 8 walks, 1 hit.
  • His five hits have come on a wide variety of counts - 0-0 one time, 2-1 one time, 3-2 one time, 0-1 one time and 2-2 one time.
  • He has had a little tougher time when it comes to a pitcher's count (0-1, 0-2, 1-1, 1-2 and 2-2 counts), going 2-for-7 officially and 2-for-8 overall. But to his credit, despite it being a pitcher's county, he almost always gets the bat on the ball, striking out just 2 times in the 8 at-bats.
  • He has excelled when getting to a hitter's count (2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1) reaching base 7 of those 8 at-bats - 6 walks, 1 hit.

    Senior third baseman Jarrod Parks

  • Like Brent Brownlee, Jarrod rarely gets a three-ball count on him. Of his 18 at-bats, he has had a three-ball count 1 time. He's also only had a two-ball count 5 times. So, of his 18 at-bats, he's had a 0-ball count or 1-ball count 12 times.
  • He's been pretty effective when he has had a pitcher's count on him (0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2), going 2-for-6 officially and 3-for-7 overall.
  • Two of the best pitchers so far this fall have been Devin Jones and Chris Stratton. Jarrod is 2-for-3 against them.
  • His 5 hits have been on counts of 2-0 twice, 1-0 once, 0-1 once and 1-2 once.

    Sophomore RHP pitcher Devin Jones

  • The hitters are only batting .143 against Devin this fall.
  • He's been his most effective when he has had a pitcher's count on a hitter (0-1, 1-2, 0-2, 2-2), allowing a batting average of just .111.
  • His control has been outstanding. While you see in my overall stats that he has only walked 2 hitters, he also has only had a three-ball count 5 times and a two-ball count 7 times. Four of the three-ball counts came in the last inning of his last outing when he wasn't expected to go but three innings and he wound up going four. Of his six innings pitched this fall, that has been the one inning he has struggled with control.
  • All three of his strikeouts have been on called strikes.
  • He has maintained his velocity for all four innings, averaging in the 90-92 range his first outing when it was warm to 88-91 in his second outing when the temperatures were in the high-50s.

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