"I Was Thinking A Lot Of Redemption"

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: What does it mean to set the game rushing record? "I guess it was just another one of those goals that I laid, a dream-come-true. Another one of those goals I got when I first stepped on campus. I was just out there grinding for my team tonight."

"I'm really trying to get to that bowl game, that's my number-one thing that's on the top of the list of goals this year. We inched a little bit closer to that so for that reason I'm happy. I was telling people I want to get as many yards as it takes for us to get the W, it just so happened that was what I got tonight. So we got a W, and I'm happy."

Q: Last year Kentucky kept you in check, tonight you weren't just making yards but getting yards after contact. "Yeah, I had that on my heart, plus the game I had when I came up here last time and had the fumbles. So I had that on my heart and I was thinking a lot of redemption, I had my anger built-up behind that. I was definitely running hard tonight, and my big boys in front, they were just chugging along too. It was a total team effort; my receivers, Tyson (Lee) making the reads, all of that. So I'm just happy right now."

Q: You finally got a wildcat snap? "Oh yeah, it felt good! That was a dream come true I guess you could say too, I always wanted to take a snap from quarterback and make something happen with it. It was an important first down, I didn't want to be denied so I just found the hole and lowered my head and tried to go get it."

Q: Was there a moment in the game you and the line realized the run game was working so well it would produce the points and yards? "I don't think it was a moment where we just dwelled on. We were just out there trying to get the job done. I think somebody mentioned it on the sideline when they showed it on the jumboscreen. But I didn't dwell on it or all the rest of the players dwelled on it, we were just grinding because we knew Kentucky was going to make a push. They're a good team and they have a good defense, they definitely made me earn it tonight.

"So we just kept on pushing. We knew it wasn't going to be over until the clock hit zero. We talked about it a little bit, we knew we had to get back to work, the job was unfinished."

Q: You've talked about getting to a bowl game, how much are you pouring into this senior year? "I'm pouring a lot. I'm pouring all I've got into it. I really don't care about none of the he-say or she-say or the odds we've got against us. I'm rallying the troops and telling them we can do this. Don't listen to anybody telling us we can't. We've got kind of like this ‘us against the world' mentality. It's a lot of people telling us we can't, it's supposed to be a rebuilding year. So we just fight hard, trying to get there."

Q: Rushing got the big stats but it also set up the pass a few times. "Oh yeah, I was happy to see O'Neal (Wilder) run into the end zone with that ball, and Tyson make the throw. It was beautiful."

Q: So what will you tell Jerious Norwood about taking his game record? "I don't know, I probably won't tell him nothing! I'm just keeping on going about my business, you know. If we talk about it we talk about it, I ain't going to bring it up! It is what it is!"

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: "Any time you go on the road and get a win it's big. But the way we fought back in the second half; defense, offense, just a team effort. You can't ask for anything else."

Q: Talk about fighting back, that was your second half as well. "Oh it was. The first half didn't go well, I made some terrible throws and made some terrible decisions. The coached had faith in me, the guys on the team had faith in me and continued to give me the opportunities the second half. We capitalized on those opportunities and made some big plays."

Q: Both teams spent the third quarter running, then you threw long to Wilder, was it a call? "It was a called play. We'd run the ball so well, when you have somebody like Anthony and Ducre running the ball like that, the defense was kind of on their heels. We said give him a chance, O'Neal made an unbelievable play and it got six for us. Once O'Neal gets going he's going and that's what he did, he made a really big play to put points on the board and we really needed it."

Q: Rushing dominated but there was some mixing of the play calls? "We did, when you have Anthony run like that you can't ask for any else. But we did a lot of play-action to keep them on their heels and by doing that they didn't know what to expect. We made some plays off it and key things like that worked well for us.

Q: And now you get the open date. "We need it. Psychologically, mentally, emotionally, physically, any way you can think of we need it. We've got a week for Alabama, they're coming to our place and we've got to really prepare and get ready for them."

CENTER J.C. BRIGNONE: Q: After so many close calls what does it do for the team's psyche to come out with a win? "It's been a big thing for us this season just to come out and play ball. We played a lot of close games that came down to the wire and we couldn't finish. So we knew coming into this game for us to still have a chance for a bowl game and to finish out the season like we wanted to, then we needed to come out with this win. And a win like that, coming out and shoving the ball down their throat and doing what we've been doing."

Q: How much pride does the line in helping Dixon set another rushing record? "You know, when you've got a running back like Anthony Dixon, and you know every time you block somebody he's probably going to get three or four yards; and sometimes take it for 60, that's an awesome thing. So when we see up on that board that's 315 yards rushing, it just give us a bigger boost to try to get 400 in the fourth quarter! Like Boobie said, we don't dwell on it in a game but when we see things like that we know we've been doing our job. When Boobie is carrying the ball like he did, and Chris (Relf) went on that run like he did, we've just got to take it like that."

Q: Anthony struggled in his other three games with Kentucky, how big was it for him to get this one? "You know, I don't think he said anything about it. I know he was pretty focused this week and I think that showed in how he played and came out and ran the ball."

Q: How important was it after Kentucky's went up 14-3 that you got a quick drive to answer? "We needed it. We drove all the way down and threw the interception, which things happen. You just have to turn around and drive another 80 yards and try to score. But it was big to get that momentum back for us.

"That's one thing in the past that once we get down people get behind themselves. But Coach Mullen and the attitude they bring now, we don't get that. We come out and fight to the fourth quarter and we finish. Everything we did in the off-season and summer paid off. This is the fun stuff. This is the stuff we do for all year."

Q: Coach talked of how the offensive rhythm wasn't there for Florida; was there a moment this game you realized you were into it? "I think we just come out every play and whatever they call we try to run it. that's the biggest thing. The Florida game we just couldn't get it going, we couldn't find a play that was working. But this game we found a play that was working and we kept running it and kept running it."

Q: You were here in 2007 for a win that was the turning point; could this win be the same sort of thing? "That's the play. I was here two years ago and that was one of the best memories I've ever been through. A victory like that, you don't get too many of that in the SEC. so it's going to be a big thing. And it's going to be a good bye-week for us to rest-up and start looking at Alabama."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: Q: It's been tough lately going to the fans and singing the alma mater after the game, what did it feel like this time? "Oh, It never gets old to go out there and sing our fight song and alma mater and do the Dog Pound rock with our fans. It never gets old."

"We worked hard, and it feels good to get a win any ways you can get it. We didn't play perfect tonight but we played good enough to win and that's all that matters, when we come out on top."

Q: How important was it to get the turnovers you didn't get last year? "It's real important. If you look at most of the outcome of any game, whoever wins the turnover battle pretty much will win the game. So we try to not turn it over on offense and create more on defense. That's the name of the game right there."

Q: What was on your mind the last two Kentucky drives? "Just stop them. Get a turnover, make a big play, make them go all four downs. Just give us the ball, just keep on going. They converted on a lot of third downs on that drive but that's just how we are. Even some of the losses we've had this year we just keep fighting and keep going. And it paid off at the end of the game."

Q: On your interception did you see the ball coming to you? "I didn't see it until the last minute. I knew (Pernell) McPhee got pressure on the quarterback and he'd probably try to throw it out of bounds. But by McPhee getting pressure he (the passer) couldn't get it all out of bounds. And…thank you, Jesus! I mean, I looked up and the ball was right there in my hands!"

Q: Did you look to see if you were inbounds? "Yeah, something like that!"

Q: Coach talked of giving up some plays but no really long plays, was that they key? "Yeah it was. If you look at it, they have a good running team, they're like fourth in the SEC in rushing yards. They beat Auburn and if you look at the games they won like #18 (Cobb) he had a run against Auburn for like 70 yards on the last drive. You just look at it as they keep snapping the ball, just don't let them break the big one. Just like whey were driving and I got the interception, just keep making them snap the ball and something good was going to happen."

Q: Cobb never got loose in the wildcat. "We practiced on that a lot this past week, we went over it a lot and made sure we had him out-physicaled. He's a guy that if he gets a little crack he can take the distance, and they've got Locke. Most of their big runs were from 18 and 20, slow those two down and you have a pretty good chance of beating them."

Q: Was there a time where you said this could be one of those nights for Anthony? "Yeah, I was on the sideline and saying keep giving it to him, he needed to have about 40 carries at the end of this game the way he was running! I didn't know he had that many yards but I'm happy to hear he broke the record, he deserved it. He's worked hard each and every day at practice and in the weightroom and everything, it's been good watching him over the years."

Q: With 15 tackles you ran about as far as Dixon did chasing Kentucky's guys all over? "Man, I'm doing anything it takes to win, that's all. We wanted to go into our bye-week feeling good and we're going to feel good going into this bye-week!"

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