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1807. Any ideas what the 1807 is for? I'm sure it was a pretty rough year since the ground work for the war of 1812 was already being laid, but this isn't a history lesson. It's not a secret code or a secret agent. 1807 is the largest paid attendance for a home game for the lady Bulldogs this season. At Tennessee Coach Fanning's troops played in front of over 14,000. I am sure the crowd had a hand in the Lady Vols pulling away late.

In case you haven't heard, the MSU Ladies are ranked 11th and 13th respectively. The latest rankings from have the Lady Dogs at 8th. This is a special team. There has not been a program in the SEC in the past 20 years that has had more losses than MSU. Saying futility is just being nice. The MSU Lady basketball program was a barren wasteland before Coach Fanning got there. The past few years the Lady Dogs have emerged as more than an also-ran or schedule filler. A lot of that credit also goes to Senior All-American LaToya Thomas.

Thomas at times during her career drew all the attention on and off the court. LaToya has battled back from injury and has worked and worked and worked to make herself, as well as her team, better. Thomas has went on record as saying that she wants to be able to pack the Hump one time before she graduates. 1807 people in the Hump looks like BBs in a shoe box. 1807 is a long way from packing the hump, but I'll get back to that.

Thursday, MSU travels to Athens to take on the best rebounding team in the conference. UGA is 5-1 in conference and is fresh off a loss to LSU. Georgia is 7-0 on the season in their building, but haven't faced the likes of LaToya and Tan White in their building, either. This will be a tough test for both sets of Dogs. MSU needs this win to improve their stock for the upcoming SEC and NCAA tournaments. Not to mention the fact that anytime you can steal a road win it's a huge thing. MSU is 8-4 this season away from Starkville. This in a lot of ways is a must have, if the lady Bullies have any hope of moving to the upper echelon of women's hoops. UGA is nationally ranked, as most of the teams in the conference are, but UGA still has to face Tennessee. In the overall standings in the conference, UGA currently sits 2nd, but that position certainly appears in jeopardy of changing this week.

Once the Bullies are done in Athens they return home for the 1st of three consecutive home games. The visitors this Sunday are the #4 LSU Lady Tigers. LSU is coached by the Magnolia State's own Sue Gunter. Coach Gunter has gone on record as saying LaToya Thomas is more than a handful and that MSU is as good as anybody in the conference. This game will be huge for both programs. The winner of his one will more than likely be 2nd in the conference behind the Lady Vols who are 7-0 in the SEC.

MSU is running a promotion this Sunday called Bring a Kid to the game. Any kid brought to game with adult supervision will be admitted free. This attempt to pack the Hump is not just for LaToya, but for all the Lady Dogs. They will need every voice, pom pom, cowbell, and support we can muster to slow down freshman All-America candidate Seimone Augustus. Augustus had a career high 19 rebounds against Georgia this past Sunday. She covers the entire court and can score nearly at will. MSU will counter with LaToya Thomas (24.1 ppg) and sophomore sensation Tan White (18.2 ppg). The Lady Bullies are 8-0 at the Hump and most games have been won in convincing fashion. This Sunday's game will be an extremely large challenge for the ladies.

If MSU were to win at Georgia and at home against LSU, they would be 2nd in the conference and one would certainly expect them to move in to the top 10 in both polls. Two wins over two nationally ranked opponents would also do much more to help the ladies in the all important RPI.

As you know, in the NCAA women's tournament, those games are played in campus. The higher seed does the hosting and considering how well we play at home we'd love to host a game or two. That's where you come in. If we expect our ladies to go deep into the tournament we must get out there and support them. I know everyone is proud of LaToya, but it's time to show it where it matters the most, and that's at the ticket counter. This weekend if you can resist the temptation to stay home at watch the game on TV, get out there and show LaToya, Blessing, Tan and their teammates that they matter to you. If we pack the Hump our chances of winning go up dramatically. If we don't, then the opposition will get to come to Starkville and play in a scrimmage-type atmosphere.

Signing day is upon us and this year's group certainly seems to be loaded with top shelf talent. With three straight top 10 classes we should have the players. Everyone should be pumped. The basketball men should take care of business this week as well, so here's the plan.- Go to your MSU signing day party. Go to the Hump and cheer for the men. Round out a Super Bulldog week by watching the MSU Lady Bulldogs beat LSU on Sunday in person. That's a power packed MSU sports week right here in the dead of winter. I don't see how you can beat it!

Until next week,

Steve Robertson
1 Kings 18:40

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