"You Have To Put Points On The Board"

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: "It was really tough. Especially the first half, we weren't able to run the ball like we needed to. The second half we were able to kind of establish the running game which opened up the passing game, we just weren't able to make the big plays when we needed to. And we came up empty."

"You don't look at it as the worst loss. The one thing we have to do is look at what we did. The score, we can't really worry about that. The biggest thing for us is watch film and see where we hurt ourselves. Offensively we can't put our defense in situations like we did. You get to the red zone three or four times and get three points, you can't do that against a great team like Alabama. When you get in the red zone you have to put points on the board."

Q: Talk about Alabama's defense? "They're similar to Florida; very fast, move really well. But at the same time we had our opportunities today. And when you have those opportunities against great teams like that you just have to capitalize. And we weren't able to do that and we weren't able to put points on the board."

Q: Talk of how Anthony Dixon left it all on the field? "Oh, all the time. That's one thing #24 is going to do, leave it all on the field whether he's running the ball, blocking or catching, whatever it is he's going to do it. He continued to do that today, he made some big plays for us throughout the game. We just have to back him up, me as a quarterback, the other guys, the wide receivers, we just have to make the plays just like him."

Q: On the first interception what were you looking for downfield? "I threw a terrible pass. The safety made a great play but I just made a terrible read, terrible throw. You can't hurt yourself once again, I did it today. I should have thrown the ball away, or checked it down. I tried to force the ball and it resulted in a turnover."

Q: Was the plan to get Dixon more involved in the passing game? "I don't think we came into the game expecting him to be really involved in the passing game. It just happened like that tonight. We had a few packages, a few plays set up for that. It just so happened Anthony was able to make some big plays for us and was really involved with our passing game."

Q: You said there were plays to be made, do you remember which ones? "For me, I missed two bad balls. One I threw to O'Neal (Wilder), I put too much on it. And the one I threw to B-Mac (Brandon McRae) once again too much on it. When it comes to those things, like we talked about the first interception I had, the wide receiver had him beat. And as a quarterback when your receiver gets deep you've got to make the throw. The first interception is all on me, and if we had converted that who knows what could have happened in that drive."

Q: The team hasn't suffered a loss like this since the Auburn game? "It is tough. Any loss is bad, no matter if it's close or if it's not close. I think the biggest thing that Coach emphasized is stay together as family and I have no question, no worry that we will stay together as a family. The biggest thing for us is to realize we have two games left, we've fought too hard now, fought too long to even let it really bother us. We have to understand this week is Arkansas week and an important week and we have to be ready for it."

Q: How will you approach two games left needing them to become bowl-eligible? "It's a one-game season. We have Arkansas this week, we'll look at the film from today and see how we can get better, and that's all we're worried about right now is Arkansas. We go to their place next Saturday, we know it will be a tough fight, that's the way we see it. And then we'll focus on the next team the next week."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: Q: Did you think you controlled Mark Ingram up to the end? "I think we did. His average was way under what he does in a season. We did a good job of gameplanning, pretty much everything they did we had on practice. I don't think they did any plays we didn't go over. It was just a matter of us keep going and going. Then you see what happens once our guys get out of a gap, one time you do something wrong he's out the gate. That's pretty much what happened."

Q: Were the last two touchdowns cases of the defense wearing down? "No, I don't think that. Right before the pass the offense drove the ball for a long time so we had a long rest on the sideline. It's just a matter of focusing on your job and your assignment every play. You can't take a snap off and look off from your keys where the coaches tell you to read. Because that's what happens, it's wide-open. That was a busted coverage, that ain't them beating us, that's beating us."

Q: What did you see on their first touchdown pass? "Most all the big plays they had was us messing us. They had a couple of runs, like the little screen pass, stuff like that where we missed tackles. But if we do what the coaches tell us to do pretty much they couldn't do nothing. But give them credit, they kept pushing and kept fighting and did what they do: control the game, control the game, and finally break one."

Q: When did you find out you would wear black jerseys? "I think the first time I told them was when we went to Jackson to the Extravaganza. I didn't know about until we broke it down, we came inside and he said I've got a surprise for you. I knew what he was talking about then."

Q: Who do you take between Alabama and Florida? "Both are pretty good games, I don't now who will win. It depends on who's day it is. You never know, they've got two more games to get ready for each other."

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: What makes Alabama's defense so effective? "I don't know really, that's something you have to look at when we watch the film tomorrow. But I think they just played good, solid defense. They didn't bust a lot of coverages, they didn't get out of their lanes, they just played good, sound defense. Just like the Floridas and other teams we've played. I don't know if they were the best ones, I guess I can make a better judgement when I watch film tomorrow. But I believe that's all they did, play good, sound football. There weren't wide-open lanes, they didn't bust coverages."

Q: You had some early success running between the tackles? "I felt before the game we could do it. I trusted my linemen and they had me little creases up in there and I just wanted to hit them as hard as I could and keep my legs pumping. All week I was talking to myself about staying in the A-gap or coach talked to me about staying in A-gap; talking to me about just believing in the boys. And after last week I definitely had confidence in them staying in their gaps and not trying to bounce and do other things with it. They gave me little creases and I hit them."

Q: You need to win the last two to be bowl eligible, how is morale? "We definitely have to pick ourselves up after this one. Tomorrow we have to hit the field and practice, we can't feel sorry for ourselves, we know ain't nobody else going to feel sorry for us. So we definitely have to pick it up and move on. I'm going to tell the team tomorrow we have to get the confidence back up, we've got to get the swagger, we have to get back rolling. I still feel like we can go out with that bang, so that's all I want to let the team know; that it's not over with and we still have opportunity to accomplish some of our goals this year. It's just something we've got to get over right now, it's over with and time to move on."

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