"I Guess I Sound Like A Broken Record"

Q: Talk about Ryan Mallett's game? "He did a nice job. Throw five touchdown passes that's a heck of a day. He made a bunch of big plays. Five touchdowns passes on 18 completions, 313 yards on 18 completions, that's a heck of a day. We were not very good in our secondary, we didn't make plays that were there to be made."

"I guess I sound like a broken record. But at some point we'll make those plays."

Q: What was the thinking about going with Chris Relf all the second half? "Well, we weren't doing a great job the first half at quarterback. We just tried to mix it up. And Chris' first drive he did a really nice job, at that point we said hey, we're going to give him a chance to keep sticking with it to see if he could make those same things happen."

Q: Does this change how you think going forward? "Nah, we'll go through practice and we'll always give it to the guy on the field that gives us the best chance to win."

Q: Anthony Dixon had a big game but he also had that big fumble? "Well, it lost momentum for us right there. We had some momentum at that point with the ball at midfield, we're down seven I think at that point. It's not all on Anthony on that play, but it's the same deal with turnovers right there. We've found a way to make some critical turnovers at the key moments of the game, we find a way to make it at the exact wrong time."

Q: What do you tell your team now that bowl hopes are gone? "Well, we'll play the Egg Bowl. That's a bowl game. We're playing the school up-north, a huge rivalry game, it doesn't get any bigger than that. I'm excited for my first Egg Bowl against the school up north, I'm excited to see what it's all about. And our seniors, it's the last game for our seniors and an opportunity for the fifth year seniors to go out with three-of-five against them and get (to) .500 for our fourth-year seniors."

Q: Did Arkansas blitz more than expected in the first half? "No, we just have to make better decisions."

Q: Was Leon Berry hurt and unable to return kicks? "He got a muscle bruise in his leg, it stiffened up on him. If we were really forced we could have put him back out there."

Q: There were a lot of low snaps, was J.C. Brignone having some problems? "I don't think so, I think he was OK. There weren't any that were real issues for us, our quarterbacks just have to manage the snap."

Q: Can you talk about Corey Broomfield's play with two interceptions? "He made some nice plays out there. He missed a couple but as a young guy he's got a good future, he's a freshman out there on the field for us. It's a big key for those freshmen, to play in these opportunities and play in these games right now and gain that experience. So when they become juniors and seniors they become some of the better players in the SEC."

Q: Was it disappointing to see all the open-field tackles missed? "It's always disappointing."

Q: Did Arkansas do anything different after your first score? "Nothing, we just didn't make plays we needed to make. I was proud of our guys, they stopped the run against them, slowed down their run game. We were able to run the football, we just gave up too many big plays on the defensive side of the ball."

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