Dogs Leave Little Rock With Big Frustrations

RECEIVER/RETURNER CHAD BUMPHIS: "I practiced punt return all week so I was ready. At first I thought he (Leon Berry) was going back in but they told me to be ready because he might not play, so they put me back there. My special teams was alright, but I didn't do too well on offense. I've just got to run better routes and get open more."

Q: The passing game was never really there, what was the problem? "Just breaking-off on our routes and getting open. I mean, we've got to give our quarterbacks something to throw to. I mean, he's having trouble finding us so we have got to run better routes."

Q: Was it anything Arkansas did defensively? "Nah, nothing we didn't expect."

Q: So now you get ready for your first Egg Bowl? "It's going to be a big, fun game. I've been waiting on it a while so it should be fun."

LINEBACKER JAMAR CHANEY: Q: How effective is their offense when Mallett has time to throw the ball? "They're real efficient. They've got a good, young quarterback, probably one of the best we're going to see this year. If you don't do your job or try to disguise your coverages I mean he can pick you apart. They're number-one in the SEC in scoring so you have to be solid on defense and try to keep them out of doing what they do."

Q: Were you, Pernell and others getting frustrated trying to rush with the holds and quick passes? "It's frustrating. But you can't complain about the holding. Everybody holds, if ain't called it ain't holding! So you have to do better, if they hold get off them, you have to keep going and keep fighting."

Q: How disappointed is not having a bowl bid? "It's really disappointing. When you go into a season I don't care whatever somebody thinks or not, you're going in to win, you're going in to try to a bowl game, try to get to Atlanta. When that doesn't happen and when you know your season is going to end next week it's pretty much disappointing. Especially if this is your last year."

Q: Will it be easy to get back up for this game? "It's Ole Miss, it's a rivalry, they beat us bad last year and it ain't left our mind. And this is my last game and I look at going out with a win. I mean, we ain't going to a bowl game so that's our bowl game next week."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: That was a tough first half there? "It was, we weren't moving the ball, I wasn't doing anything the first half. So (Chris) Relf came in the second half and really did a good job."

Q: How much did their pressure disrupt you? "I wouldn't say really that much. Everything we saw today we saw in practice so it wasn't anything that surprised us. We just didn't execute, the first half especially, we hurt ourselves on a few drives."

Q: Were the low snaps a problem? "It was, just the little things that you work on every day. We had some misshaps. When you play on the road especially and when you have a few opportunities in the red zone a couple of times…even me, whether it was a low snap I can't a sack and get out of field goal range. Those miss-haps hurt us."

Q: How soon will the team get motivated for the Ole Miss game? "Oh, easy. That's the rivalry game, if we're undefeated or haven't won a game Ole Miss is Ole Miss. They'll come in ready to play, we'll be ready to play them and it will be a big week for us."

LINEBACKER K.J. WRIGHT: Q: What were the defensive challenges today with their quarterback? "He did a real good job. We had some chances to stop him but he put it right on the money, like we knew he could. So he did a real good job in helping his team, we just couldn't get it done today."

Q: It looked like the defense tried every possible package today? "We did. Coming in this week we put in a lot of new stuff to try to stop the quarterback. Sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't, he got the best of our defense today."

Q: How frustrating was it to get in reach or get a hand on him and he still makes the pass? "It's very frustrating. As hard as we worked and practiced it was very frustrating not to come up with the play. We just have to know that if we keep working eventually those plays will happen for us."

RUNNING BACK ANTHONY DIXON: Q: In the second half you were able to produce the yards and runs today? "Yeah, it was fun. We tried to make a comeback and get the W, and we fell short."

Q: What happened on the fumble? "I took the handoff and before I could get the ball tucked right or get my pads down low he was under me. A couple more came under me and they just jarred it loose."

Q: Did you know you had the long touchdown when you broke the line? "I didn't know. I felt like when I stiff-armed that dude I felt I had a chance if I could turn it on and get going. That's what I tried to do."

Q: Did you notice any difference in how Arkansas played defense with Chris at quarterback? "I really didn't see a difference, maybe our coaches did but it looked the same to me."

Q: How quickly can you bounce back? "Probably tomorrow. We know we definitely have to go out there and practice tomorrow. So we'll shake it off tonight and tomorrow get back in it"

Q: You say you don't keep up with records and what you have to get against Ole Miss? "I won't have to look, I'll probably have people reminding me so I won't even look. It will mean a lot, I know it's going to be physical and it's going to be exciting. It's going to be just fun to play in, we're definitely trying to go out with a bang still so we're going to give it all we've got."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: How do you think you played today? "I think I played real well. I think I came in and executed the offense real well. But we didn't play well on offense and we didn't play well on defense that much, so…"

Q: Were you told at halftime you would have the rest of the way? "No, he said he'd just start back off with me."

Q: Did you see anything different in Arkansas' defense when you took over? "No sir. I say they have a good defense, they played well and we didn't."

Q: What made the rushing game so effective in the second half? "I don't know!"

Q: Do you feel confident about this coming week? "Yes, I feel real confident. We're going to go out and prepare ourselves and try to come out and beat Ole Miss."

CORNERBACK COREY BROOMFIELD: Q: Just talk about your two interceptions? "We were in man coverage and I played my man, and we got a little pressure and he threw it to me. It was just everybody doing their job and I get the glory for it, that's all that is!"

Q: That's a tough quarterback to cover for long? "He did a good job, when we got him out of pocket he could find who to throw it to and how to throw it, hard or soft. He did a good job of picking us apart. We just got practice harder, do the little things better, and we'll be alright."

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