Cohen Talks Middle Infielders/Third Basemen

Mississippi State head baseball coach John Cohen talks about his fall impressions of the middle infielders and the third basemen.

Junior middle infielder Jonathan Ogden
"I think that Jonathan had a great fall. He has tremendous range and great arm strength. He runs the bases well. And the bat really came on as the fall progressed. I think he can be a top of the order or a bottom of the order guy. He gives you a runner, arm strength, great range, leadership. I think he is going to be a big change for us.

"(As for what position he would play) if we had to play tomorrow, I would probably lean to playing him at shortstop over second base. But a lot can happen between now and February."

Senior third baseman Russ Sneed
"I am really pleased with Russ' development as a hitter. After two hip surgeries just the sheer toughness he has shown to get back out there is really inspirational in a lot of ways. As a corner infielder, can he get down in the fielding position that is required to play third base, that remains to be seen. We'll see where he is three months from now."

True freshman middle infielder Sam Frost
"I think that Sam Frost from Hoover is going to be a very good player. He has some mental toughness. He has arm strength. And I think he is going to be able to hit. Does he redshirt this year? I don't know. But he needs to get bigger and stronger. I think we are an injury or two from him having to step forward. He can play any infield position for us."

Senior third baseman Jarrod Parks
"Jarrod might be one of our most improved players from last year to this year. Defensively, he is solid. He had a great summer. He has really done a better job of identifying pitches this fall."

Senior third baseman Jet Butler
"We made some changes with Jet. He has played some outfield, third base and caught for us this fall. I think, to his credit, he has said he wants to help our team no matter where he has to play."

Sophomore middle infielder Frank Rawdow
"Frankie has come back improved. He has been steady after getting off to a tough start in the fall due to an injury. I'm pleased with the improvements that he has made over the course of the year."

Junior middle infielder Nick Vickerson
"Even though he struggled a couple of times defensively, I really like Nick's upside, his arm strength, his quickness. If there is an infielder in our league who has more arm strength I would be shocked. I think he can play second base or third base. Every infielder wants to play shortstop and I think he could do that if we had to have him there. The offensive part he showed in the fall was something that we didn't know as much about."

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