"We've A Good Future Ahead Of Us"

WIDE RECEIVER CHAD BUMPHIS: Q: Describe what happened on your touchdown catch and run? "We ran a seam-route and I turned around and saw Chris Relf scrambling. So I just stopped, I turned around and the ball was coming. And once I turned (back) around I saw the end zone and my eyes lit up, there was no way I was going to let anybody stop me then!"

"It feels great, especially to get a win like that and send the seniors out the right way. So it was just great all around. We all wanted to do it for the seniors. And it just shows everybody how much potential we have to be good next year. After this off-season and everybody gets bigger, stronger, and faster, I mean it could just be great things ahead."

"All season long when we've been able to take care of the ball it's pretty much no problem with scoring. So when we took care of the ball I knew good things were going to happen."

Q: What does Chris Relf bring to this offense? "Oh, so much different stuff. What people don't understand is he can throw the ball. Whenever they see him in they automatically think run. Our O-line did a great job opening up holes all day but he was able to do so much different stuff."

Q: Coach said he wanted the team to treat this like your bowl game, was that the idea? "Yeah, especially with it being the last game of the season you have to treat it like a bowl game. And then the intensity of the rivalry, it's just fun and great all around."

J.C. BRIGNONE: Q: They had something like 640 pounds in the two tackles, but you were still able to move the ball inside? "We got 900 pounds coming that way, so they had to react to that! When you've got Craig Jenkins and Quentin Saulsberry or Tobias Smith on one side I don't have to worry about much because I know they're going to come off the ball and put 600 pounds on 300."

Q: Did you know how much Chris Relf was going to play? "It's been working all year, you know when we put him it would work for a big play and kind of change the ball game around. I think it was working so well and we knew we could run the ball so hard against them that you put him in and do what we do. You've got a back like A.D. coming through there and him as a threat; he ran for like 150 and Chris for 150, you can't beat that!"

Q: Did you know you would just have to take the ball at their front line and win? "We knew at the beginning of the week, Coach (John) Hevesy told us we needed to put it on our shoulders like we've been doing for the past couple of games. And we took that to heart as offensive linemen. Last year we had a big splat with like, eleven sacks. We knew we were going to put the ball down their throats and just run."

"I knew when they came up and tried to play toe-to-toe ball with us we were going to run the ball right down their throat."

SAFETY CHARLES MITCHELL: Talk about the demands of covering against their offense? "We had some good coverages for them. Some times they made a couple of good catches, Shay Hodge is a great receiver and can jump. And they got a couple of lucky bounces! But we were prepared, we did the things right, and we came out victorious."

Q: Were they throwing the defense off by quick snaps? "Not really. He was just going to snap the ball fast so we didn't have to do too many disguises in the secondary."

Q: What did you see on your second interception? "We were in a coverage and I saw the receiver come in and broke on him. I thought he was going to catch it so I was getting ready to make the tackle, and I saw it tip out of his hand. So I went and got the ball!"

Q: Were you still mad about the fake punt catch behind you? "Yes, I really thought the ball should have dropped and I miss-judged it. I was very embarrassed about that, it should have never happened."

Q: What did you see on Corey Broomfield's interception? "I didn't know what would happen. Broom is a good corner, probably the best we've got at judging balls and receiving. He picked it off and came back and messed with (Jevan) Snead a little bit and made him miss, and got a touchdown. Which was real big for us."

Q: To contain a big passer and so many fast backs, how well-prepared was the defense? "Coach (Melvin) Smith told us earlier they can't do nothing that we haven't seen. We were prepared for them."

Q: You're one of many State players coming back while Ole Miss loses most of their lineup, is this a turning point? "Yes sir, we've got a lot of people coming back. And we're real young this year. I'm not throwing any excuses out but we were real young, and we're going to come back with a lot more experience."

QUARTERBACK CHRIS RELF: Q: Did you know how big your role was going to be this game? "I knew I was going to play, (in practice) he was switching me in and out every other play with Tyson (Lee). So I just came out there and tried to do my thing." Q: What was the pass you threw to Chad Bumphis for the touchdown? "Well, I was intending to throw to O'Neal (Wilder)! Chad got in the way, I'm glad he got in the way!"

Q: Do you think Ole Miss expected you do that today? "No, I know they knew they had it coming!"

Q: Did you feel confident out there? "Yes, I'm very confident about myself. I know if I go out there and make the right reads I can make big plays."

Q: Do you think you shocked the defense that you could run and throw? "Yeah, I can do both. I passed in high school, that's mostly what I did in high school; I wasn't a runner, I was a passer."

Q: Ole Miss was a league-leader in sacks but you had time to throw? "Yes sir, they did great. They practiced hard all week, they practiced really hard all year. We've got a great O-line, most everybody is coming back except Craig Jenkins. And I think we're going to have a good future ahead of us."

Q: What were you reading on the option as the key? "I was just reading the defensive end, making the right reads."

Q: The Ole Miss people said they were biting on the dive? "Yes, that's what they were doing, biting on the dive play. The defensive end was coming down and I was pulling it and running."

Q: Besides the scoring could you feel the whole game changing in the third quarter? "Oh, yes, I felt I moved the offense real well."

Q: Did you want to take a knee at the goal line? "I wanted to put some more points on the board, for real!" Q: Did you feel anything extra trying to kick to tie the game or was it just another kick? "I put a lot of pressure on myself more, I wasn't feeling pressure but I put it on myself because the team needed some momentum. And that was a big momentum swing to get back in the game. We should have been up. But it was more pressure from myself to make the kick."

Q: Even without a lot of deep kickoffs you contained their return men under the average? "Sean (Brauchle) has a much bigger leg on kickoffs than I do, I'm trying! But we adjusted the coverage just a little bit to adjust to me, I guess, and it really worked out."

QUARTERBACK TYSON LEE: Q: You said all week you wanted to walk off Scott Field the last time with the Egg, so how does it feel? "You're exactly right! That's what was done today. All the way around today we played good and it's just an unbelievable feeling to walk away with the Egg Bowl."

Q: How exciting was it to watch Chris Relf do what he did? "Exciting is not even the word, I'm so proud of him. He's put in the work from day-one and it was obvious today in the way he played. And I'm so proud of what he did for us."

Q: How important was it to move the ball and keep things close at halftime? "Once again we weren't able to finish drives the way we wanted to but we moved the ball up and down the field and got in field goal range. We got in the red zone one time and should have scored, I lost some yardage. But the second half Chris Relf came out and did what he does and I'm so proud of him. He was the one that moved the offense, he was the one who put points on the board, and he was the MVP to me."

Q: Did you get the feeling you wanted this one more? "I guess since last year it's been a countdown, from day-one ‘til now we've thought about it and it was on our minds. We wanted to leave out knowing we left everything on the field, especially the seniors, and I feel that's what we did today. We were focused more on us, what we're capable of doing, and I think we did a good job of that today."

Q: After so many close games with tough teams it has to be rewarding to get one? "Oh, yeah, especially home games this year having opportunity against big teams. We weren't able to capitalize and finish. But today we were able to do that. In the second half we were able to continually move the ball, put up some points on a great team, and come out with a win."

Q: What does it mean for the seniors to make the transition from one staff to a next and get things headed in a good direction? "You know, it's unbelievable. I can't really put into words how it feels right now. Just to understand this is my last game and understand that Coach Mullen talks about the foundation that we seniors have laid, to me that's just a blessing. Especially growing up watching Mississippi State football, being one of the fans seeing guys playing on that field and understand that Coach says we laid a foundation at Mississippi State. That's something to treasure."

DEFENSIVE END PERNELL MCPHEE: Q: Was a key staying disciplined in controlling the running game and Dexter McCluster? "It goes back to watching film and knowing your keys, how they line up or go double-tight or in an out formation into power. We focused on that and stopping McCluster. We've been preaching all week about he needed 97 yards to get a thousand, and we've been saying in practice he wasn't going to get it on us, if we see the ball run. And that's what we did all day."

Q: How much boost was it to hold them early to a couple of field goals? "Oh, it was very big. Because that kept the fans in it. When you score touchdowns it knocks the fans out but holding them to a field goal kept the fans in it. And we had to keep the fans in it, and make it get louder and louder. And as long as we held them to field goals and scored touchdowns we know they can't beat us like that."

Q: What made the pass coverage effective today? "Watching film they had max-protection and were sending two receivers out on routes. We felt those two receivers weren't going to beat us."

LINEBACKER K.J. WRIGHT: "Next year five wins aren't going to be good enough so we plan on finishing games that were close this year."

Q: The team was able to overcome a lot of close hard losses too? "Yeah, those games were real hard for us. They were a learning experience, let us know we had to learn from the mistakes we did and come back to improve on it."

Q: How vital was it for the defense not to just chase the ball but hold assignments? "Oh, it was real important. Coach Torbush harped on us, he said we have to fill our gaps and run to the ball and contain them. So we did that."

"The offense really helped us out, they controlled the ball and gave us some rest. We were real proud of them."

Q: The Ole Miss touchdown before halftime could have deflated everyone but you didn't let it happen? "We don't let that get to us, we knew it was a big play we should have made. And we kept fighting like we have been all year."

Q: What were the seniors like Jamar telling you before the game? "That they wanted to go out with a bang. They were like we really need this, we really need this win to end our senior years the right way. So the whole team wanted to do that for them because they've worked so hard."

Q: The seniors go out with a bang but looking at the roster most of this lineup is back? "The future is looking real good for us. We have a lot of guys coming back with a lot of experience and that's going to be real big for us."

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