Steve Robertson's Thursday Lunchtime Bones!

Steve Robertson of is the absolute best when it comes to covering recruiting in the state of Mississippi. His nightly recruiting Bones have become legendary among subscribers of Well, this year Steve is taking it to another level by throwing out lunchtime bones a few times a week. So, come inside and check out Steve Robertson's Thursday lunchtime Bones.

Steve throws out Bones about.....

Bone#1 Coaches Mark Hudspeth and Tony Hughes had an in person visit with Vincent Sanders this morning. Vince is....(Read more in the Bones)

Bone#2 Ole Miss stopped in to see Matthew Wells' mother and step father yesterday in what was described to me as a "very brief" meeting. It appears....(Read more in the Bones)

Bone#3 Carlos Thompson has spent a lot of time around....(Read more in the Bones)

Bone#4 Based on what I have learned it looks like the MSU QB recruitment of....(Read more in the Bones)

Bone#5 As you are aware MSU will visit with Robert Johnson later today. I have made a few calls about the situation and it appears........(Read more in the Bones)

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