What Wilson Brings to MSU

Mississippi State was on the hunt for a replacement for departed defensive line coach David Turner. The Bulldogs found their man in Norman, Oklahoma in Sooners' defensive end coach Chris Wilson. Wilson will serve as defensive line coach as well as the coordinator in charge of running game defense. I caught up with Sooner's Illustrated publisher Greg Powers to learn more about Coach Wilson.

You can learn about Chris Wilson's All-American playing days and his contributions to championship programs throughout his career by reading his resume.

You can get the sound bytes and the cliches from a controlled media opportunity, but in the end you may not really get what you really want to know about a coach.

In an attempt to get a more candid look at Chris Wilson, I contacted friend and colleague Greg Powers of SoonersIllustrated.com. Greg has spent two years covering the Sooners and he can provide a more detailed profile of the new Bulldog assistant.

Coming from a nationally respected like Oklahoma, Wilson has had to blaze some trails for OU on the recruiting trail.

"He is a very charismatic guy," said Powers of Wilson. "He's very good with the kids. He is really good at finding that diamond in the rough type, but he can also go land the big fish. He has a really good mix."

Greg has seen the work Coach Wilson has done in recruiting and most of that work has been outside of the state of Oklahoma.

"He is from the Dallas area, so he's done a real good job there," said Powers. "He's also done a real good job in Louisiana. He's dipped down into Louisiana and signed some good players. He's not just signing defensive players either. He's recruiting players at all positions."

In addition to being a standout coach on the recruiting front, Powers notes that Wilson has been wildly popular with his players and his peers.

"Honestly, I have never heard a bad word about him," said Powers. "His group of defensive ends always seem to be one of the closest units on the team and I think that has something to do with him as a coach.

"They are always a real energetic group in practice and that carries over to the games. He's had some really good players and he appears to be a players' coach."

There is always a lot of movement in the college coaching circles and fans are sometimes more excited about a coach leaving their program than a new coach coming in.

That is clearly not the case with Wilson and Sooner fans.

"Everybody seems to really like him," said Powers. "He never did anything to hurt himself in the eyes of the fans.

"People are disappointed that he left, but everybody understands how these things go. They saw a lot of upside in him as a coach. The fans are all talking about who they can hire now to replace him, but they are pretty bummed about him leaving."

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