Ragsdale Readies for First Junior Day

Darryan Ragsdale understands he will have to work hard to make a name for himself with college recruiters. Despite being tucked away in tiny Pelahatchie, Mississippi, word is beginning to spread about Darryan's football talents. Several college programs have begun sending regular correspondence to the verstailte Ragsdale.

Darryan Ragsdale profile

"I am getting mail from Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Illinois, Nebraska, Stanford and that's about it for now," said Darryan. "I am getting the most from Illinois and Mississippi State."

Ragsdale will get the chance to take in the guided tour in Starkville this weekend as he attends the Bulldogs' first junior day.

"I am going up to Mississippi State for junior day this saturday," said Darryan. I want to go visit the campus and get to talk to the coaches."

This will not be the 2A standout's first visit to Starkville.

"I have been up there for some football games this year," said Ragsdale. "I went to the Jackson State game and the Houston game. I liked it up there. They had a good atmosphere. It was a lot of fun."

Darryan's idea of fun on the football field involves him reaching the endzone for a PHS' touchdown.

"I am more comfortable playing on the offensive side of the ball, but I can play defense if I need to," said Ragsdale. "I like to run the ball and score touchdowns."

Playing close to home is not a requirement for Darryan, but he would like to stay within a resonable driving distance in his favorite conference.

"I really want to play in the SEC," said Ragsdale. "They have the best offenses there and they like to run the ball. I want to play against the best talent. I like competition."

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