Mullen Discusses His Newest Bulldogs

Last week Coach Dan Mullen spoke with Dawgs' Bite, wrapping up some additional items about Signing Day 2010 as well as discussing the change-of-staff-pace to preparing for spring football practices at Mississippi State. As part of the interview, the top Dog offered player-by-player evaluations of all 26 members of this recruiting class.

As promised, and as follows, we are presenting these individual comments. These will also appear in the upcoming Recruiting Wrap-Up issue of Dawgs' Bite magazine, along with's evaluations of each signee and comments by the newest Bulldogs themselves about their choice of Mississippi State. The issue, submitted to press last week, will be available in early March for current and new subscribers.

RB VICK BALLARD: "He's already enrolled on campus, working out hard with us. He was one of the top junior college running backs in the nation last year, and when you have three seniors depart it fills a need with a guy who can come in and play immediately. So I'm excited about his prospects for next season. He's an all-around good back, he rushed for 2,000 yards last year and you don't do that without being an all-around back."

LB FERLANDO BOHANNA: "He is a linebacker coming in ready to play with his speed, his size, his instincts. He's played anywhere from safety to middle linebacker in high school, he's a very versatile defensive player. Because of his size and athleticism he has the opportunity to come in and help us right away."

DL JAMES CARMON: "When I got here the first thing I noticed was how small our defensive line was. In one year's time we're really changed the physical makeup of our defensive line, with our younger guys that are on the team as well as big James coming in. He brings a lot of size right from the beginning, but also is a very nimble athlete for a guy his size. He's down to 350 already on campus and is doing a good job of re-shaping his body."

ATH MICHAEL CARR: "Michael is one of the most talented athletes in the state. He can play numerous positions for us. We're going to start him out at wide receiver but we'll see when he gets here on campus. Just that versatility he brings as a dynamic play-maker on offense, a dynamic player on defense, in the kicking game, he can do it all. And he's led his team to a state title."

OL BLAINE CLAUSELL: "He's here on campus already doing a great job for us. He really excelled last year in our football camp. He may have been a little bit underrated as far as the national recruiting scene, but when we had him in our camp we realized he was going to be a good football player. And the fact that he's enrolled early and already working towards next year is a huge advantage for him."

DL PAUL CRAWFORD: "Paul is a young man out of Texas, obviously a very unique-sized guy. He's really still growing into his body and has exploded the last year. He has a tremendous potential in front of him. He plays high school basketball. He was 6-1 as a sophomore and is still growing with that tremendous size potential. We saw him early and when we saw his size we were really excited about his potential."

OL DILLON DAY: "He's another state champion. He's a tough guy, brings that tough demeanor to the line. And he brings that champion attitude, the attitude that you're looking for out of an offensive lineman."

DL KALEB EULLS: "I think Kaleb might be one of the best players in the United States of America. He weighed-in on his official visit at 270, for a guy that is not in our workout program. I can't imagine how it was to tackle him as a 270-pound quarterback! He can be one of the top players in the nation. As well as the character he brings, how he handled himself in the situation he was in. It does not surprise me he did what he did, what I'm more impressed how a 17-year old from Yazoo County High School handled himself on Good Morning America, in the national headlines, and is still Kaleb Eulls. That didn't change him in any way or form and that's special."

QB DYLAN FARVE: "Dylan is a winner. Everything that Dylan does he wins at and he's pretty confident he's going to win at. To carry your team to the state championship game and not only throw for 400 yards but have 19 tackles, that just shows the type of winner Dylan is. That's the intangibles you look for in the quarterback position."

RB NICK GRIFFIN: "Nick is the top running back in the state of Mississippi this year. He has it all; he has size, power, and speed. So we're excited, especially with all the tailbacks we lost getting a guy who is physically ready to come in and play right away is important to us."

LB CORVELL HARRISON-GAY: "I think Corvell is a little underrated. He's a young man that has tremendous upside in front of him. He's a very big linebacker that can grow into a defensive lineman, at camp he was 6-3 and 250. So when you look at that size potential, if he comes in and leans-up he's going to be a big, physical linebacker; if he gets bigger and stronger he has the potential to move to defensive end. He has all the different things he can do on the defensive side of the ball for us. He had a great All-Star game."

ATH BRANDON HILL: "Brandon is just one of the best kids we recruited. He one of those guys who was 6-3, 220 on his visit, who knows what he's going to be when he gets here, that has so much versatility. He could play offense, play defense, play special teams, that can do so many things for you. A great kid, a great student, a great personality. He has the total package of what we look for in our players."

DB CHRISTIAN HOLMES: "He comes from a small town, and at 230 I think he played wide receiver, played safety, played linebacker, played all over the field for his high school team. It's what we look for, he's a great football player. Where will he play? Probably anywhere on the field for us, because he is that all-around football player. These are the guys that turn out to be great players that maybe not a lot of schools evaluated."

OL/DL JEFF HOWIE: "We're going to figure out what he is when he gets here. I think we might try to start him on the defensive line but that's up in the air. One of the things we'll do when he gets here is evaluate him, in the junior college ranks we didn't have a chance to get him in camp so we'll have a chance to figure out once he gets here what his best position will be. I got to get a great cheese steak on my visit with his Dad up there, it's hard to get that down here. They don't have a lot of catfish in Philadelphia but they have great cheese steaks!"

DB CHRIS HUGHES: "Chris is a dynamic, dynamic football player who I think could be a big sleeper. He battled through injuries his senior year, he came up and met with our team doctors and they think he'll be 100% by the time the season starts. With that, on junior film he was a dominant player and as an athlete played safety, some linebacker, he can do a lot of different things. He brings a lot of versatility to the defense."

ATH JAY HUGHES: "Jay is a great kid. He is a great football player, a great student, growing up learning the game. He's just one of my favorite guys, he calls me all the time and wants to do the right thing. He is going to be one of the leaders of our football team in the future, you can just see he has that magnetic personality. Even though he is an all-state running back he came to us and asked could he start out at cornerback; that's what you want, a guy who wants to do whatever he can do to help the team. And he comes from a winning program."

WR MALCOLM JOHNSON: "Malcolm came to camp and absolutely dominated the day in our passing tournament. That is something that really stood out because he is one of those guys that might not be the highest-rated player on the web sites, but when he came to camp and dominated we knew he had the opportunity to be a special player for us. He has great balls skills, his team used him all over the field, and that's what we look for."

WR ROBERT JOHNSON: "Robert is a dynamic player, a very versatile player. He can do a lot of different things, and his high school would do a lot of things we like to do on offense; motion him in the backfield, throw it to him, hand it to him, pitch it to him, snap it to him, use him a lot of ways on the offensive side of the ball. I think he's going to have a great future for us."

OL ERIC LAWSON: "The great thing about Eric, when he came to camp we said hey, you're a little heavy. He leaned himself up, not only as the season went on but even on his visit. He has continually improved himself. He's still young, only 17 years old, and he as great potential in front of him. His coach loves him and his work ethic and spoke so highly about how if you ask him, he gets the job done."

ATH JEREMY LEE: "Jeremy came to camp and ran one of the fastest times we had. Almost all these guys came to camp for us and that's what we like to do in recruiting so we get to meet with them. He did some amazing things with his speed and athletic ability. And you can't teach speed."

ATH JAMEON LEWIS: "People ask what position will he play. I say I don't know but he's going to play somewhere. He's another guy that carried his team to a state championship and that winning attitude, that edge is something that we want. A guy that can do that many things for his high school team for them to win is going to find a way to do a lot of things for us."

DB JAMERSON LOVE: "Jamerson is that dynamic player. I think he was the fastest guy we had at all our camps last summer. He can do a lot of different things on the football field. We're really excited about his future."

OL ARCHIE MUNIZ: "He comes from a great program, his head coach and I go way back, I recruited there all the way back to Utah days. He was a young guy we knew about and recruited; but when you get to meet him in-person he blows you away. He's more than what you're even expecting when you see him and that's what really excites us about his future. He's a little bigger than 255, he doesn't look it but when he gets on the scale he's bigger. He has just such a huge upside for his future."

OL DAMIEN ROBINSON: "Damien was a top priority from day-one in this recruiting class. We knew we needed offensive linemen, he was the premier offensive lineman in this state. I mean, we started recruiting him when I got hired last year. And I'm really excited with Damien not just as a football player but through the process as you got to know him he's a great fit here at Mississippi State as a person and student. I'm happy he chose us, but happy for him because of how much he fits in with this program."

DL CURTIS VIRGES: "Curtis might be the biggest sleeper of the whole class. He came in at 6-3 and mid 290s, an explosive guy. At camp he put up some unbelievable numbers, at 290 he was running sub-five-flat 40s with an over-thirty inch vertical leap…as a high school kid. Put on top of that he's an outstanding student, is a powerlifter, plays basketball, track, he does it all at the high school. He's just the all-around person we're looking for here at Mississippi State."

ATH MATTEW WELLS: "Matt was a huge recruit for us, obviously one of the most sought-after kids in Mississippi this year. He can do everything for us. He came on his visit at 6-2, 210, and when you have that size and are playing basketball what is going to happen when he blows-up here? And the great thing is he's another athlete that can play anywhere on the field. On film he's dominating at receiver, dominating at running back; put him on defense and he can cover the entire field, sideline-to-sideline, from free safety. He just does so many things and is such a versatile player."

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